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Hello people! I'm new to the EGS forums (and this wiki). I don't want to clog up my sig with inventory, so I'll be listing any Items I get here.


  • 6 TF Guns
  • 1 six pack of unlabelled soda
  • 1 squirrel teddy
  • 1 dead fish
  • 1 cookie wrapped in shiny paper
  • 1x Salvation Coupon (from Doomsayer)
  • a pair of bunny ears
  • 1 30-foot tall, animate, time travelling, twilighty dusk colored, yoshi plushie, told that I am it's master. (from TheGreatYoshiRider)
  • 1 yard stick with 9.4 inches missing (from TheGreatYoshiRider)
  • 750 Monopoly Euro (from TheGreatYoshiRider)
  • yo-yo (from Zolis) (colored black with a green spiral)
  • 1 ball of Ekiness (from EkiEki)
  • a pair of space-coloured sunglasses (from Nikolai)
  • a shiny hubcap (from Cheez)
  • a can of mackerel (from Cheez)
  • bag of salt-n-glass cookies (from Cheez)
  • 4 kilograms of unspecified raw meat (from Cheez)
  • a blank newspaper (from The Owl)
  • Yarnball of Distraction (from Kalga)
  • 1 squoshi plushie (from......let's say eman)
  • 10 communicators (from the mega-mall)

Items given out

  • Dusklight- a flashlight that creates shadows instead of light

Twilightdusk on the forums

I browse the main forum and the mayhem forum any time I am online. I don't post in everything but I do post if I have something to say. I am somewhat interested in RPs, and have made approved characters for a few of them

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