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We're not sure exactly where he is. Come back in a month, he's at school right now, and playing WoW or trying to write.

He posts under the screenname Whackamole2, with the 2 as a formality due to technical constraints.

His forum persona is an old, somewhat perverted Anthro-mole skilled in alchemic doctrine. He is currently young, female, and still perverted.


Forum History - EGS

Starting, as all newbies do, in the Newbie intro thread, he quickly began giving other newbies Inflatable Hammers, reportedly used by Susan to quickly smack misogynists. However, this behaviour quickly ceased as he got quickly bored. His first major appearance was in RavenB's thread "All I want for Christmas", complaining staunchly about the misogyny of the piece. This was quickly quelled, however, as he realized he was only trolling about and not solving anything. He soon began routinely posting in the threads for new comics, with little result other than synopsis. This, too, stopped soon after as it became unnecessary.

Forum History - Mayhem

He entered Mayhem upon learning of its existence, setting up his LPW persona as a crotchety old mole with a god-mode complex and too many siblings. Always slinging his potions for the good-will use of others, he often joined Lomgren in his diminutive house just "for the hell of it." After a good period of posting and a comparable period of inactivity, he resumed posting after being EXTRAORDINARILY bored with an English assignment at approximately 10:00, Jan. 5th, 2007.


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Random Self-Indulgent Plugs

  • He secretly plots to write a moderately-EGS-related (or Mayhem related...?) romance story at some point in the future.
  • He professes to being an entirely heterosexual fruitcake, and a transgender.
  • Author of Coexistence

Random Plugs by Other People (Or Generic Shoutouts)

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