The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread

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A thread started by Piebunny in which there is a massive flaming plane crash (as if you hadn't figured it out). So far the passengers have had to deal with shrink soda, a dragon, a possessed plane, a nuclear explosion, carnivorous Following Plants, a ridiculously overpowered character, the perils of economy class tickets, a potentially plot ending communication device (It was destroyed. Twice, just to be on the safe side), and an unstoppable superweapon that turned out to be considerably more stoppable than previously anticipated. (See below.) They have now managed to reach an island, where they have discovered that they are not the first to arrive there...

Meanwhile, high above their heads, several spaceships (The Giant Spaceship Thing O' Doomness and The Hammer o' Justice, to name two of them) have discovered each other. It is unclear what the hell they are doing in the story in the first place, but... meh.



Characters without usernames

For characters being played who are not metacharacters

  • The Crew of the 'Doomness
  • The surviving members of what used to be the 'Doomness Maintenance Crew
  • The Engineer (Jessica Crenshaw)
  • Executive Meetings
  • The Shadowy Figures who feature prominently when there is a high chance for inconvenient cut scenes

The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread 2: The Re-Crashening

(See also the separate entry for this thread)

Piebunny has recently restarted this Thread. The Mayhemites have again found themselves on a cliché island, which may or may not be the same one as the original.

Participants and characters

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