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Name: Kari Fleet

Gender: Female

Age: About 25

Height: 5'6”

Appearance: A slender female anthro-feline, with a toned body, yellow fur (with a white front), and dark hair, shoulder length and straight. Dressed in khaki shorts and a green crop top.

Personality: Friendly enough, though still a bit disoriented by suddenly finding herself as a catgirl. (Actually, she seems to be taking it largely in stride - the weirdest part of it so far for her is that it doesn't feel weird...) So far, she is still using her original name, but feels like she may change it... She has now abandoned her original name, at least for now, in favour of "Kari", feeling that this is less likely to attract notice than a catgirl named "Scott".

Powers: Kari has a magical Book, which gives her different powers depending on where she opens it to. She carries this book in a backpack, and when she opens the Book, whatever power it gives her lasts for one hour at a time. If she loses the book, or has it taken away from her, her powers fade. Additionally, she can only use one power at a time, unless she is using the Flight ability, which can be used with any other power.

As a catgirl, she has feline reflexes and agility, and the hearing and night vision of a feline.


(See the DreamWeavers RP entry for details)

Name: Scott Michaels

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9”

Appearance: Fairly average-looking, slim, reasonably fit but not particularly athletic. Wears glasses (fairly near-sighted). Usually favours causal clothing – jeans and T-shirts.

Personality: Friendly enough, but not the kind to strike up conversations on his own initiative. A bit of a bookworm.

Life: Scott had recently established his own computer repair service, and was making a fair living from it. Not much of a social life, but he did get out occasionally and have a bit of fun. When the coma hit, he was at a party with a small group of friends.

MFPCT 2: the Re-Crashening

Yes, that's the same Kari now on the island with the rest of the people who were in the crash. This is apparently due to the effects of Surprise Soda, combined with a lemon-scented towel.

She is currently wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and carrying a carry-on bag. The luggage tag on the bag has her human name on it.

O'Lionheart's Trans-dimensional Pub

Kari has popped up here, having apparently landed herself a job as a waitress. Here she's wearing the standard uniform of the Pub - a black shirt with the pub's name on it, jeans, a black apron, and a name tag.

Kari appears to have developed some facility with magic in the interval between the end of the DreamWeavers RP and ending up in the Pub. She has developed a way of storing her Book in a space pocket, removing the need to carry it around in a backpack.

She has also demonstrated a "Powercat" spell, which gives her super strength, limited flight, and a degree of invulnerability, as well as a costume apparently modelled on Power Girl's (although Kari would be the first to admit that she is nowhere near as busty as Power Girl!). This spell can only be sustained for about fifteen minutes, and she rarely uses it.

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