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One day, all over the world, a small group suddenly and mysteriously collapsed and fell into comas. The people seem to have nothing in common but all collapsed at the exact same time. News spread of this strange occurrence quickly, but despite everything, the people would not wake up. As worried onlookers watched, they all asked the same question; what happened to these people?

The "victims" in question would all wake up in a strange world. Their appearances, voices, even genders, almost everything about them was different. And not only that, they all seem to have gained special abilities like many others in the strange world. Why are these people here? Could it be some kind of contact between worlds? Some sort of prophecy being played out? Or maybe it's just a coincidence. Whatever the reason, it seems someone wants them gone.

Basically, the RP will start with all the characters waking up in this other world and from there, they'll end up fighting an evil overlord or saving the world from some sort great evil, not sure which yet. Character appearance can be almost anything, furries, people with wings, people with animal features, normal looking humans with odd colored hair, basically anything you want. Characters will also have at least one special ability given to them. both appearance and abilities will depend on the person's true self, who they really are and not what everyone else sees them as in their original world.

People Signed up so far

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The thread(s)

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List of posted bios can be found here. (Note- Seamus' bio on that list may not be up to date. The bio on Cheez's wiki is more likely to be correct.)

The RP itself can be found here.

Major NPCs

Name: Queen Annelae
Age: Over 300, but appears to be 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: Incredibly long brown hair, about 3 times the length of her body, yet still flows elegantly behind her. Tends to wear Blue dresses with silver trims.
Personality: Egotistical and full of herself, and with good reason. Think she is the greatest ruler in the world, and gets incredibly angry if told otherwise. Other than that, she’s a nice person, if you can stand listening to her talk about herself for hours on end.
Special Abilities: Able to manipulate her hair and use it like an extra appendage.
History: Queen Annelae is one of the 4 immortal rulers of the Dreamscape. Chosen over 300 years ago by the gods themselves to keep peace and order in the world, Annelae has yet to come down from her power trip.

Name: Sara
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Half AnthroFeline
Appearance: Grey fur covering her body, long white hair reaching mid back. Her right eye is green while her left is gold but she has a more or less humanoid face. Wears no clothes.
Personality: Sweet and caring, always looking for a chance to be useful. Tends to get easily distracted by string, catnip, bugs, and being scratched behind the ears
Special Abilities: Basic Feline strength and speed. Can see the future with her left eye, but is otherwise blind in it. Sara is a fairly competent magic user, able to tap into the very core of magic itself, but has a hard time controlling it. She knows some white magic. But not enough for a career as a healer.
History: Sara lives wither her mother (feline), father (human), and 7 other siblings varying from looking fully human or fully feline. She has 3 sisters, one human, one feline, and one Catgirl (just the ears and tail), 4 brothers, two human and two feline, all are the same age except her human sister and her two feline brothers, who are two years older then her. Sara foresaw the coming of a great evil that only heroes from an ancient prophecy could prevent. Knowing that no such heroes existed in the Dreamscape, she began a ritual to bring heroes to her world, which ended up blowing up blowing large craters into the side of the valley where she lives. (Which just happened to be on the outskirts of Queen Annelae’s Kingdom.)

Name: The unspeakable evil that is Tim
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a full suit of blackened armor, making him look much bigger and sound much older then he is. Under that, he has red hair
Personality: Tim is evil, very evil, almost too evil. To most, it may seem that he’s compensating for something, but nobody dares ask what. He acts evil and does evil acts and nobody seems to question it, even though he isn’t very skilled at what he does. He has even saved a village from bandits by setting it on fire. Tim hates that they like him for it, and Time also hates fish.
Special Abilities: His suit makes him incredibly strong and fast. Add to that his skill with duel wielding swords and he’s a force to be reckoned with, though without the suits, he can’t even lift his swords. Has some skill with black magic. Not much, but enough to raise undead and hold an aura of fear around him.
History: The unspeakable evil that is Tim was born and raised in a small rural town overlooking the sea. It was a peaceful town, happy and content in it’s place in life, but Tim disagreed, Buying an enchanted suit of armor and learning black magic, he set out to lay waste to all in his path. And why? Because there was nothing else to do but fish and Tim hates Fish.

Name: The Master
Age: over 300 but looks about 30
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slicked back black hair, wears a black cloak and rather expensive looking clothes. Has a bit of a beard. His eyes are pure black.
Personality: The Master is evil incarnate. He is quick to anger, but doesn’t show it. He tends to act calm and cold.
Special Abilities: The Master is a master of Black Magic. He also has some sort of power that lets him control the minds of others.
History: While the master may be Immortal, he is not one of the 4 Immortal rulers. How he managed to gain immortality is unknown, but is it safe to say that he does not deserve the power he now has. Recently, he has been seen on a small island somewhere south of Queen Annelae’s kingdom.

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