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He has several characters, most of which are inactive. Some because the RP died, some because he simply fell too far behind on posting to catch up easily and faded out of the thread. Oh, and some were both.

As of this update, he has posted a single slay and is working on a larger one. Slay counter: 1.



Avatars (newer first),

Current: Black Waltz 3, un-obscured.

Black Waltz 3. Partially obscured by a steering wheel.

A very bad computer drawing of a drawing he did in a school lesson.


List here

Recurring names



I believe that it should be public knowledge that EGS isn't the only thing I like. Here's a list that I can think of:

Final Fantasy; especially IX (9 (My first FF)) and VI (6 (My second FF))

Modelling (Crafting!)




Fantasy novels; Garth Nix, David Eddings, Eoin Colfer, etc.



Jack Thompson

-The word "hooah"

The way people abuse the English language.


Has several accounts on Proboards but does not use them any more (but still visits).

Has an account on youtube, just to keep a track on favourites.

Has a very mixed interest in music.


Here are the words of people forever frozen under ash, as if they were stone

  • Yun: In D&D terms she has a Charisma of 16. In non-gamer terms, she's really freaking hawt.
  • CPUX: Well, I was more into David Bowie as the Goblin King myself.

Xara(F-CPUX): Mmmm. He was hot in that movie, wasn't he?

CPUX: Yeah. :smug: :oops:

  • CPUX: Everything is Caramelldansen. Everything....
  • kgirl1992: I'm going to hunt you down
  • MCB: Never hurts to have a backup thread full of catgirls.
  • psycho_BUNNY: the Slinky is the most erotic thing ev4r.
  • Author-Man: I do like mudkip. Mudkip is good
  • Amon Star: No. It means I suck at English & R a foe 2 all Grammar Nazis.
  • Me (Old): I've fixed the problem, and glomped everyone :D , except Kalga, he scares me :nervous: .

About Me

  • Malachy19: Is Jenerix a stalker?

TingYi: Yes. Yes he is.

  • TingYi: Some fool dug this up for me.


1 TF gun (damaged (femme cola) (under repair))

1 squirrel teddy

6 cans of unlabeled soda

1 dead fish

1 cookie


1 shiny hubcap

1 can of mackerel

1 bag of salt-n-glass cookies

1 yarn of Forgetfulness (from Kalga)

1 Uryuom Work suit (from shadowwing)

1 Enchanted Diamond Katana (from shadowwing)

1 fishystick (from R3@P3R)

a pair of sunglass-rimmed sunglasses (?)(from Nikolai)

1 white yo-yo (from Zolis)

a set of markers (from Zolis)

a cookie of shiny love-love



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