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Kgirl1992 Poster and Person

My RL name is Kate, and I'm 17. I have a very hard time with spelling/grammar.

Threads I Frequent


I lost track of my inventory ages ago so this is mostly just gifts and that sort of thing

a TF gun, one fish skeleton, one squirrel teddy, an Emu (what is an emu anyway?), a tame Squirrel, a Demonic Duck Doll, a nut shaped superball, pewter figurines of the EGS cast, a pair of katanas, a coconut bra, a paper crane from Sleepy, and half a second place "omgroflchairmanmaoteapotcementgingivitisawesomesauce -person (most awesome if you can’t figure that out)" 2008 bunny ear award

Always wears a small messenger bag with a magic spell on the bottom of it to make a pocket dimension that expands and contracts according to how much stuff I try and store in it.


I don't have many, but here they are:

  • Kgirl: This is my main character if I don't specify it's Kgirl. Sometimes goes by Kay or K; has big bird wings other then that she's a normal teen.
  • Alice: Alice is Kgirl from an alternate universe (or a DWD it changes ). She used to be a girl detective and she looks like Kgirl except that she has purple hair and no wings.
  • FBI guy: He appeared because of the rule that every girl on the internet is actually a guy and every kid is a FBI agent. He was recently fired from the FBI because too many bunnies knew about him. He looks like a FBI agent since her got fired he became a drunk I think he may have gotten a new job since we haven't seen him in ages.
  • SIAFR Kay: this Kay can make fire balls, unfortunately right now- She got her body back! *happy dance*

Bucket List

  • Get a nose stud
  • Get contacts or eye surgary
  • Go to comic con
  • Leave the USA
  • Meet some of the other bunnies
  • I have more but it's not being shown to the public :)

Fluff (My opinions about other people/things)

  • Peanut butter and fluff taste good together. :D
  • Amon Star is very sweet; he once dove between me and bullets :D and better then that he helps against the GN's :D and he gave Jesse a teddy
  • I use too many smileys. :D :P :D
  • motivator1907608eo9.jpg

Ummm, Anyone Want to Say Something About Me/Help Fix Up My Page?

There you go. One proofread and corrected Wiki page. Incidentally, an emu is a large, flightless Australian bird, and if you want to get things to stay on the right line, I suggest you use dot points. Or perhaps the < br > tag. Do remove the spaces from that tag, though. -Piebunny

Spellcheck your work. *nodnod*

Kgirl is an FBI agent. I have proof. -Cheez no you don't I confiscated that -Kgirl1992 20:18, 18 June 2007 (EDT)

22/9/07- made a minor edit, correcting my name. Hope you don't mind. -Cheez.

I messed up your name icon_redface.gif -Kgirl1992

Fixed up your spelling in a few places. -Oz

Jesse was thrown in the fifth post of this page (the exact post), not on this one. Also, you have now been added to the bunnies category. -J525

Yes people still read this ~ guess who i am

Lovely was that AP or Mandros?~Kgirl

ah ya got me ~Mandros

...are you stalking me? I barely look at my page once a month most of the time! ~Kgirl

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