O'Lionheart's Trans-dimensional Pub

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It's a pub, located somewhere outside of time and space.

It's run by one "Oz" O'Lionheart (who may well be another avatar of OzLionHeart. He himself has neither confirmed nor denied this as yet, although he has confirmed that he is Aware).


The Staff

  • "Oz" O'Lionheart, the owner and manager of the place. A yellow-furred male anthrofeline, dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt with the pub's name on it.
  • Kayla, a waitress (and a catgirl)
  • Kari Fleet, another waitress (also a catgirl)
  • Bari (a kobold), a bartender
  • Mark, another bartender. A Greater Chimera, with Uryuom, kobold, rabbit and penguin parents. Looks like a black and white furry kobold with wings coming from his shoulder blades. Doesn't wear clothes and has a pet viper.
  • "Jake", an animated skeleton (he's the bouncer, so be polite to him)
  • a certain ex-FBI guy, who is also on the bar
  • Jimmy, the janitor and general clean-up/fix-things guy.

The Patrons

General description

The bar is directly opposite to the entrance. The right-hand corner of the room has a machine which appears to be a combination jukebox and karaoke machine (and does indeed combine both of those functions).

About halfway along the right-hand wall is a fireplace, shaped oddly, and with a bulls-eye carved into its back wall. At a measured distance in front of it is a line marked on the floor.

To the left of the fireplace is a door, discreetly marked "Restrooms". A similar door on the opposite wall has the legend "Rooms", and one to the right of the bar has the words "Staff Only".

All of the signs are readable by anyone who looks at them, no matter what their native language is.

The food is good, the staff are friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is rather nice, and pretty much any drink you can imagine is available.

They accept all known currencies, including most major fictional ones.


It does rather resemble Kylen's Interdimensional Bar in some respects. This may be simply due to both establishments having a similar nature...

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