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Kayla originates from the same world as Leon deCoeur, and the two of them are old friends.

She appeared in the Grassvale Town RP, where she introduced herself as "the Chief Tavern Wench" at The Grassy Vale Tavern. (Actually, Kayla is the de facto manager of the tavern...)

Since then, she has appeared in the Count Doup!!! thread, tending the bar at the "Upson Downs Tavern".

She made an appearance in LPW, as a waitress in the 5 Star Family Restaurant.

Currently she is tending bar at O'Lionheart's Trans-dimensional Pub.



A female anthrofeline, approximately 5'6", with orange fur, straight red hair (normally worn about shoulder-length), and green eyes with cat-like slit pupils. Kayla has an athletic figure, although her dense fur makes her look heavier. She prefers not to wear clothing, except for special occasions. She dressed only in her fur during her time in Grassvale, and everyone in town apparently either accepted this, or simply failed to notice somehow.

In O'Lionheart's Pub, she wears a black apron with the pub's name on it, and a name tag.


  • Like all Felisari, Kayla is stronger than she looks. Her muscles are somewhat denser that those of a human, which gives her a 20% strength advantage over a human her size. Her reflexes are incredibly fast.
  • Like Lee, she speaks several languages. She had begun teaching Kat Eggsalad to speak Feline, before the end of the Grassvale RP.


  • Kayla has a kind and helpful nature, and a rather motherly personality. This is probably exaggerated somewhat by her tendency to address everybody as "hon".
  • She is very fond of karaoke. She's a pretty decent singer.
  • Kayla does have a last name, but almost never uses it. Partly because nobody can pronounce it...


  • Kayla has a cousin, Kerilyn di'Vesbptkn (or Keri), who did not appear in Grassvale, but is very similar in appearance (apart from having shorter hair), and shares her dislike of wearing clothes. Keri mostly hangs out in the Waffle House.
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