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The OOCZone is a nebulously-defined place somewhere in betwixt reality and the ICZone. It is perhaps best defined as existing atop or within the Fourth Wall.

Normally it is used by various bunnies as a sort of "non-canon ground" from which to comment on the action taking place in the ICZone, but occasionally "OOC Characters" (either OOC versions of their IC counterparts or characters existing entirely in the OOCZone) speak and act in the OOCZone, and add odd and vaguely IC elements (such as canonical, continuing storylines) into the OOCZone.


Some IC characters possess the ability to perceive events in the OOCZone, or to receive information from it. This ability is referred to as "OOC-Awareness", sometimes simply shortened to "Awareness" (with a capital A). Those who can use this ability are described as being "Aware" (also with the capital).

The use of this faculty is restricted to those RPs that permit this (notably LPW and Fort Mayhem, although there are others).

LPW's OOCZone:

Due to frequent attempts at destroying both the universe and the Fourth Wall, the OOCZone in LPW lies closer to the IC than anywhere else (save, perhaps, in carrot). Several IC characters (notably Ta and the Mes) exist simultaneously in each or alternate between the two, and the OOCZone itself contains enough fictionalized detail that it is almost IC. Places such as the Aforementioned Mountain serve as a sort of gate between the OOCZone and Real Life, inhabited by characters from any of the three layers of reality.

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