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Mandros is your average necromancer. You know, the black cloaked, spell casting, skeleton summoning kind.

He is always seen with his winged skull named Cid (a product of his own necromancy). Cid is a product of pure magic having no existence prior to his being a skull therefore not truly a reanimated skull as he was never animated to begin with.

He currently has a farm somewhere in Canada to raise his alien clone kids. Said alien clone kids were the product of an alien parasitically impregnating Mandros at the behest of MDM in carrot..?. The original baby alien was eaten by Cheez, who spit it up after MDM attacked him, after which MDM cloned the dead alien two dozen times and delivering the results to Mandros.


  • Meet anyone from mayhem (comming coon)
  • Go to a convention (comming coon)
  • Go to a convention with anyone from mayhem (comming coon)


  • OK my real name is nothing like my avatars name. (It's Scott if you where wondering).
  • I'm 6'5" yes i know I'm huge
  • I weigh in at 210, and its all muscle baby.
  • The reason i know so many pills for so many thing's is because i work at a drug store. I personally only take sleeping pills, headache pills and heartburn pills.
  • Despite some of my actions i am in fact strait. I'm just manly enough to act like I'm not
  • has a twitter account the link is in my sig
  • I am always on MSN and will probably respond even in the dead of night
  • I also have a skype account at mandros4

RP's I'm in

The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread (name: Mandros ability: pure necromancer)

Mayhem SIAFR (name: Mandros ability: necromancer plus some fire and lightning also has Cid)

Kylen's Interdimensional Bar (Skeleton)

MKRP (name Sheldon)

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  • One of the few people who ask thought-provoking questions in the Ask AP thread.
  • Better behave in my body :P ~Kgirl (see i was nice in your body, un till the next body swap :p)
  • One of the few people reliably on at the same time as me, I look forwad to joinign more Rps your are active on ~Who?


(Cause i got bored of seeing it in my Sig)

1 TF Gun, 1 Cookie in shiny plastic,1 Dead Fish,1 Squirrel Plushy,1 6-pack of unlabeled soda (less 3 cans)1 black dewrag,1 moodring, a pair of steel chopsticks , 1 Join Us 4 Happy Time by Sonic Team,1 catnip mouse, 1 ball of yarn, brain bleach, an Infinite Bag of Dice and an unending cooler of Canadian beer, a box of gourmet teas, a pewter figurine, a gray laser pointers, and some apple cobbler

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