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carrot..? is the most random thread on EGS Mayhem, and perhaps the whole of the internet. At times, there may be some sense of coherency or long-standing topics, but the thread will just as soon descend into more randomness.

A carrot..? database was started by bunny corran_star, but as of December 2004 it remains unmaintained.



The "carrot..?" thread was started by a user named gin on February 3, 2004. It is practically unique in that the thread managed to be derailed within the original post. In just two replies the thread had gone entirely, irreversibly off-topic. From there, carrot..? grew exponentially more and more random.


  • Before the birth of Mayhem, carrot..? was considered the symbol of the issues that the forum then faced. For more details, see The origin of Mayhem.
  • It was in this thread that the war between Svensylsquatostan and Gal-Zabor erupted.
  • It was also in this thread that the war between Moritania and Britonia broke out.


Back in August 2004, upwards of two-dozen users led by RandomBunny, who is currently known as : ) banded together in opposition to the current state of "carrot..?". The problem was that the self-proclaimed random thread had completely ceased to actually be random. These problems came about by the forced-continuity in landmarks and ongoing roleplaying. Such landmarks included the TF Warehouse and the Candy Volcano, and the RP eventually stemmed into its own thread, the Moperville RP, though connections between the two were maintained. RandomBunny, with the support of his comrades, started Anti-Carrot and most of carrot..?'s userbase left, excluding sgt_saunders, corran_star, Berk, Blankslate, and Nator. During these pages of carrot..?, which RandomBunny has in his bookmarks with the title, "Death of Carrot," corran_star, yalborap, and sgt_saunders were arguing over whose fault the entire ordeal was, with Blankslate and Nator trying to resuscitate carrot..?, and Berk acting as a mediator. For a short while, Anti-Carrot was significantly more active, and significantly less sad. Eventually many users left the boards, and carrot..? was revived by the influx of newbies. Today, carrot..? has the same continuity and roleplaying issues that led to the loss of its original userbase (this can be seen in the Category bar at the bottom of this page), but the users now either do not care or do not realize it. Every August 29th, RandomBunny/: ) bumps Anti-Carrot once.

Birth of EGS Mayhem

EGS Mayhem was brought about due to all this controversy surrounding carrot..?/Anti-Carrot and related topics, along with all the other off-topic topics. Dan grew weary of all the off-topicness and as such created a new board for off-topic posts.

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