Sheldon (MKRP)

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Full Name: Sheldon Ailanthus

Age: Early Twenties

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Nationality: Istarrian

Played by: mandros


6‘4" with green eyes and long, dark hair. Always has a relaxed look . He normally wears a T-shirt and shorts with a belt. He also always has a bag of healing herbs strapped to his belt.


Sheldon Is a very kind man to a fault. He is willing to give anyone a second chance. Should anyone ask for help he will help. Unless it is in combat as he is a strict pacifist and will never strike another person. The most he will do is attempt to subdue any attacker. Should he see anything injures be it friend or foe, human, animal or otherwise he will go to work healing them immediately (though his knowledge of how to heal anything that isn’t human or animal is lacking at best).


Sheldon is technically a shaman to those who ask for one. But his main profession is a medical herbologist. In other words he can communicate with nature and sell natural medical herbs and such.

Notable abilities


Sheldon has a natural talent for communicating with animals. Although it appears he understands the various sounds and animal calls he is really speaking to them on a spiritual plane. The animals usually aid him in exchange for food.


Sheldon Is quite adept at herbolic geomancy. In other words he can make plants grow to his will, although he mostly uses this just to tend to his garden.

Notable objects

Sheldon carries a large walking stick namely for use to get people who trespass in his garden out of his guardian Venus fly trap. Also he cares a bag of quick acting healing herbs made for healing small wounds.


a small stone house that doubles as a herb shop.


Sheldon is a traveling herbologist and as such he well, traveled. To be more precise he just started and so far he found out one thing. He doesn’t like traveling. He, like many Istarrians does all his work without the aid of technology. Not that he minds technology he just seems to always screw up and break whatever non natural item he touches. Its not a curse or anything he is just clumsy with that sort of thing.

Other information

  • He is not a vegetarian despite the fact that he talks to animals.
  • Joined (soon!)
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