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Ciennas is not necesarily a bunny: For one thing, his ears are way too short. For another, he hasn't actually been very active in contributing to the original EGS forum, although he had made a questions thread that enjoyed about two weeks lifetime before being shot down. On second thought, he's a bunny... a very strange, longwinded bunny, but a bunny nonetheless



As a character, Ciennas is an advanced human mimicry robot, currently hanging around in a temporary shutdown in the Keenfans 2.01 RP. He was recently given upgrades from a demigod who was acting out a transformers fantasy at the time. No one is sure as to the extent of what these upgrades did to him, although he's fairly sure he'll be capable of firing energy blasts because of this. He has also incorporated various bits of TF technology into his armor, to improve his enjoyment of his tenure in the Mayhem world.

He also has crashed (quite literally) into the Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread. He blames his appearance on the use of a nuclear cherry bomb somewhere in page six, landing with an armor destroying crash in page nine. He was sent to investigate the cause of the explosion and to examine any side effects of the explosion.

As a real person, Ciennas prefers to spend his time on RP's and world building. He'd much rather let his posting speak for him though.

He would like to become a writer of stories, however his own lack of attention span may prove to make things difficult.

He is currently trying to write a story titled 'Welcome to Mayhem', a story that would involve many, many metacharacters, and lots of their namesake, bringing ina moment of Mayhem into the world.


Active Characters

Sebastion, Hyperspace RP

Ciennas of The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread

Jessica Crenshaw (the Engineer), also of The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread

Cipher, Cyanide (Metal Gear Solid RP)

Dale Iverson, Davian Civil War RP

Future tense characters

Empty. They all started on me.

Semi-comatose characters

Dale the White Mage, Gem of Ages

Cameron, Transgenics RP 2.0

Characters in Stasis

Shane, Avatar RP(Which apparently died on me when I wasn't watching. darn)

Ciennas, KeenFans RP 2.01 (described above)


A standard Newbie Pack, Containing a dead fish, a six pack of unlabeled soda, a squirrel teddy, a TF gun, a cookie which should by all accounts be stale by now and yet somehow isn't, and an Emu, given to him by Squato.

All of these (Including the emu) can fit into the pack they came with, a stylish bag of Emuholding+8.

Things that EGS taught me

  • It's common sense to spend as little time in Tedd's house as possible.
  • Females can perform and are immune to hammerings, regardless of their natural gender.
  • Never transform Susan without being prepared to be transformed into the exact same thing in retaliation.
  • Pay Dan five bucks and you control the universe... when Dan's not home.
  • Hair dyes cannot withstand transformation.
  • NEVER, under any circumstances, introduce squirrel chicks to cotton candy espresso and dance music within five minutes of each other, unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences.
  • By the same token, NEVER promise to feed eight teenagers with your own money, especially if you didn't set a spending limit.
  • A T-shirt stating 'Human' is capable of fooling almost everyone in the vicinity into thinking you are one.
  • By contrast, a hat stating 'Homo sapien' makes them think you are human and gay.
  • Physics mean almost nothing when you combine magic users, anime style martial artists, mad scientists, and psychic alien-human hybrids in the same group.
  • Goo is highly combustible, to the point of exploding. However, said goo is capable of breathing fire with no ill effects to itself.
  • Never assume that the bath houses are unisex.
  • Never insult a magic wielder, even if they are a long distance away. Somehow, you just know they will come after you, possibly with fairies.
  • It is hard to look tough when you're using fairy powers.
  • Physics teachers dislike magic users.
  • Glowing is optional, unless you were never aware that you could do it in the first place.
  • A demonic duck is an excellent distraction, unless union strikes or frat parties interfere. In which case, random cheesecake will do nicely in a pinch.
  • Never kick a hedgehog-human hybrid in the nuts, especially when said hybrid is wielding a chain. Said hybrid is also much faster then you, in accordance with the Sonic effect.
  • Cat nip is the ultimate stimulant... when you are using a cat form.
  • Flashbacks will always show you the way to safety.
  • Cut scenes will occur at random intervals, usually when there is a high chance for cheesecake.

Thing of the whenever

We're geeks. We nitpick at EVERYTHING!

Whenever there is a plothole, we'll be there.

Whenever there is a minor continuity error with no relevance to the plot, we'll be there.

Whenever there is a fanfic that violates the smallest canonical detail, we'll be there.

Whenever there is a frame in an animation that completely violates reality, we'll be there.

Whenever there is a discrepancy between two canon media, we'll be there.


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