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Ba DeGuy is an active character created by Who? He can currently be found invading Fort Mayhem, plotting near and or at the members of The Massive Flaming Plane Crash Thread, occasionally not being nice in Kylen's Interdimensional Bar, and he will certainly at some point in the future appear the Invasion! thread. He first appeared in "The FIGHT thread for something to Kill"


Villain Career

Ba DeGuy (As his name suggests) is a professional antagonist and his current assignment is to destroy the Mayhem sub-multiverce, there is no intelligence as to who he is working for (If anyone) or why Mayhem is his current target.

After a long absence from the Mayhem worlds after the events of The FIGHT thread he returned and appeared as any other perfectly creepy character until he killed Capt. Cheez on page 511 of the Fort Mayhem thread. This act was used by DeGuy to announce The Invasion Transaction of the Mayhem Worlds (The Invasion! Thread) going through the trouble of amputating his right led to infiltrate the Fort.

(Note: for purpose of the character a lot of his motivation and back story is kept unknown and to find out for yourself you are best to in character start asking questions.)


Ba DeGuy seems to be human and is of a tall height. He is at the dusk of youth and this is obvious by his retreating hair line and lined brow. He is often seen in his fully plastic, lime green blazer. His hair is jet black and slicked back tightly. He has a prominent jaw line, eyebrows, cheekbones, nose and grin with shiny white- slightly pointy- teeth.

This picture is a near perfect likeness of him: [1]


He varies from an evil Zap Brannagan, to a successful Dr. Evil, to a charismatic Bond villain. It is likely that two (Or all) of these personalities are an act. What ever his current personality, he takes great pleasure in his notably evil tasks. When he is being evil he is joyous, maybe even jolly. More so if he can crack an appropriately bad pun.

While he doesn't simply seek out the most evil thing to do, he instead seeks out the most counterproductive action to anyone's plan. He is also employed to do evil things for a company he works for.

He often shows a huge lack of concern at the prospect of his own death, even removing a limb just to get into Fort Mayhem. A medical examination by Liona Sabarac in response to the same injury showed no sign that he is immortal or anything other than human.

His constant companion is Mortems (Mort to DeGuy) who only serves as someone for DeGuy to talk to dramatically when there would otherwise be no one else in the room.


"Ba" is an abbreviation of his first name, the true name has been stated several times as different names including: Bart, Bartholomew, Barrie, Barnaby, Baldric, Barak and Bad Attitude.

He has a habit of having a large amount of seemingly normal objects on his person, that all turn out to be weapons with creative ways of both killing people, and setting the stage for catchy one liners.

He is one of the few player characters to commit murder on a different player's character (See above) the last time this happened was in the War! thread with Kraggi's death.

He is currently present in four Rps at the same time despite being the same character in the same cannon, and has even been seen aware of what he is doing in the other Rps (Clearly Who? is too lazy to keep track of more than one character)The exception is the Ba DeGuy in the massive plane crash thread, which has been kept separate as the invasion has no interest in being dragged onto a tropical island due to the current price of sun cream.

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