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Who? Oh! You mean the Mayhemite that created a name he hoped would spawn the most confusion. Although the only person his name confuses is himself, he does enjoy people making puns about it. He also writes his wiki page in the third person.

He lives 5 feet and 10 inches above his feet (which are encased in his Blue Converses). It is not clear if he is the shaded out person in the converses, or the stone tablet mask latched onto the face of the person standing in his converses.

He also has a hat. The events of page 1994 of carrot..? leads many to believe that this used to be Cheez's hat.

If you can not see his hat or stone tablet mask, he can easily be spotted by his typos that have the strange ability to avoid all attempts to be corrected. Most notable is his spelling of the suffix "ing" which he spells "ign" often this typo is intentional. His favorite word is "Anywho".

He is persistently followed by his basement (See Who's Basement)


Rps he is active in


In earlier years Who? had lots of characters that have now sadly gotten locked in his basement. AT the moment he is concentrating on one cross-Rp character called Ba DeGuy

His Art Thread

He hopes that by linking to his art thread he will be granted with more feedback! [1]


[Who?]: Oi! You lot out there! 'sup?

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