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Called "Lia" for short. 6ebe6.png



Lia is an anthrofeline. She stands about 5' 7", and has cream-coloured fur, straight light brown hair, and rather pretty gold-green eyes.

She is currently dressed in cargo pants, and a white sleeveless top with the emblem of a Thaumic Healer (a red cross surmounted by a glowing paw). Oh, and she wears gold nail-polish on her claws.


Lia has magical healing abilities. Too much use of them in a short period takes a toll on her physical stamina.

Like all of her race, she has very fast reflexes, and is about 20% stronger than a human her size. She could bend a steel poker in half with some effort.

Many of Lia's people (the Felisari) are capable of travelling across dimensional boundaries, literally walking between universes (this has led to them sometimes being dubbed "the cats who walk through walls"). Lia has this ability (that's how she arrived in Mayhem), and she is also practised in using this ability to make shorter "jumps" between places, the better to reach those in need quickly. She can carry others with her, although this can have the side-effect of inducing a temporary synaesthesia in those not fully prepared for it. The effect is short-lived and entirely harmless, but it can be disconcerting...


Lia is normally friendly and easy-going. As a Healer, she takes her job very seriously. Do NOT threaten a patient under her care.

The Crossover Wars

Lia is currently stationed at Fort Mayhem, where she has been appointed as the Fort's Chief Medical Officer.


Lara Sabarac-Mage is a plushie copy of Lia, created (along with others) during an outbreak of chaos magic in Fort Mayhem, and then magically animated by Alex_Mage (and is thus one of his "children"). As such, she "inherited" the powers and personality of her "mother". She has also (somehow) "inherited" all of Lia's knowledge of magic.

  • Lara is not especially fond of being squeezed, even though she has no need to breathe.
  • Her last name is hyphenated as an acknowledgement of both her parents. Well, technically, she has three parents, since she effectively has two fathers (Alex and Michael).
  • Currently, Lara is working in LPW, at the request of KF-Oz. She will most likely return "home" before too long...


  • She has revealed that she hails from Felisar, the home-world of Leon deCoeur and Kayla. (She is in fact Lee's cousin, though this is not widely known.)
  • Her last name is "Carabas" spelled backwards. This may be significant. Or not...
  • She has also made at least two appearances in O'Lionheart's Pub, usually to help out people in need of healing.
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