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Character Bio/Description


Name: Leon de Coeur (usually prefers to be called "Lee")

Age: Looks around 30 (Actual age is closer to 60)

Species: Anthrofeline

Gender: Male

Nationality: Felisari (Dimensional traveller)

Hair: Dark blond, and usually short

Fur: Yellow, with darker yellow stripes on his face, arms, and tail, and white fur running from under his chin, down the front of his torso

Eyes: Blue, with catlike vertically-slit pupils. Lee is slightly near-sighted without his glasses.

Height: 5'10"


Somewhat wiry build, wears glasses that stay put somehow in spite of having no apparent arms. Always wears blue jeans, and usually a loose-fitting zip fronted shirt. May or may not wear shoes, according to his mood - his foot-paws are as tough as (or possibly even tougher than) shoe leather, and he normally goes barefoot by preference. Has retractable claws on both hands and feet.

When he was transformed into a female due to events in Mossy Knoll, she was about an inch or two shorter, and had a build much like Ann, with shoulder-length blonde hair. As Lee herself commented, she could almost be mistaken for Ann's older sister. She wore an adapted version of his usual outfit, with the shirt magically adjusted for a snug fit (and a bit of midriff-baring and cleavage).


Lee is an easy-going sort for the most part. Fairly level-headed, he will normally stop to analyse a situation before jumping in. He tends to take most weirdness in stride, probably due to having seen so much weirdness in all the different worlds he's been to that very little fazes him any more. If he sees someone in trouble, he will try to help them however he can. He has a good sense of humour, and something of a fondness for bad puns.

Notable Possessions

Lee's clothing is made from an enchanted fabric, which not only repels most dirt and grime, but also allows Lee to alter its shape and colour at will, to conform with local styles where needed. He also has a Backpack of Holding (similar in principle to a Bag of Holding), which contains various items, some of them magical in nature.

Abilities and Skills


A magical strain in his family bloodline has given him the ability to sense the presence of magical energies.

  • A "warning sense" allows him to instinctively detect if a drink or food would be harmful to him, for example if it were poisoned, or drugged, or merely contained something that would cause a harmful allergic reaction (although he would not be able to tell which it was), merely by picking it up. He often refers to this as "feline intuition", a possibly inaccurate term (not that he cares).
  • Lee has, over the years, picked up a fair knowledge of magic (and a number of small-scale spells), both from members of his family, and from hanging around other people of considerable magical talent. His own power level is extremely limited, so he prefers not to use magic more than necessary.


  • Lee has an innate (racial) ability to sense disturbances in the local space-time, a useful ability for a dimensional traveller.
  • Lee is something of an artist, and will usually have a sketchbook, or his digital camera, or both, to hand.
  • He speaks several languages (although he is not equally fluent in all of them), the result of growing up in a town where people from a number of different worlds would sometimes come together, whether for trade, or tourism, or any of a number of other purposes.
  • Lee is also a fairly good cook, and has a decent singing voice.


Lee comes from another universe, from a planet named "Felisar" by its inhabitants, most of whom are of the anthrofeline persuasion (although other "furry" races are represented). Some hundreds of their years ago, the people of Felisar discovered the secret of interdimensional travel, and set out to explore the multiverse. This led to a great deal of trade and other interactions with other worlds (including tourism, and the introduction of karaoke to Felisar), and also led to a number of tales featuring "talking animals" being created on "human only" worlds.

Lee himself was born and grew up in a town that frequently received tourists from other dimensions, and this in turn sparked an interest in other worlds and their peoples. After spending a few years working as a tour guide for off-world tourists, during which time he met and became friends with Kayla, Lee headed out into the multiverse to see what he could see (curiosity being a big motivating factor in feline people). Along the way, he discovered Grassvale, and decided to make a home there.

Lee also became the town signwriter for Grassvale, and spent a good many years there, watching the children of the others grow up, and being Grassvale Town's resident artist (and honorary "uncle" to the kids). Eventually he decided to move on...


Lee arrived in Mossy Knoll as a result of a near-miss by a large craft, while in transit. The near-collision threw him out of the interspacial realm and into the space-time of Mossy Knoll, arriving on Ann's doorstep, and colliding with her front door with sufficient force to give him a concussion. Having been cured of it (thanks to the Artmoogle), he then stepped in to help when Rose's "heat" temporarily overwhelmed her, sending her completely out of control.

While having tea with Rose, Knave, and Aurora, he managed to help them sort out at least some of the problems caused by all three of them going into heat together (and for the first time...).

Having befriended Roan, Lee took up residence in the house Roan created, which became the Blue Cloud Inn.

Lee was temporarily turned into a female, due to an explosion of TF grenades that affected a large area of the town, and transformed a sizable proportion of the population. His normal male form was eventually restored by Art, much to Igor's disappointment. It seems he'd gotten rather interested in the female Lee...


  • Lee's ears and tail are often highly expressive, even (or especially) when he is not showing his feelings in his face. His tail tends to wave back and forth slowly at the tip when he's thinking hard, or trying to remember something.
  • Lee has mentioned that some famous fictional cats were (or may have been) inspired by members of his family.
  • Relatives mentioned so far:
    • Uncle Whittington
    • Uncle Carabas (whose grandmother was the original inspiration for "Puss in Boots")
    • Aunt Rhiow (a midwife by trade, has all-black fur.)
  • Lee's name is derived from the French phrase "coeur de leon" - or "Lionheart" in English. This was something of a joke on the part of his player, who does not speak French, but does have a fondness for wordplay.
  • Lee briefly made an appearance in LPW. He doesn't like to talk about it...
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