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Name: Igor

Age: 20

Species: Fifth Dimensional Mastodon

Sex: Male

Nationality: Outsider (Fifth Dimension)

Joined: Tuesday, September 21, 2010.


10' tall with pink, shaggy fur. He has a hump on the center of his back. He has bangs (of the same color as his fur) that cover his eyes, making his cybernetic ocular implant. He tends to wear a pilot's jacket withe the prehistoric world map printed on the inside.


Igor speaks with a posh british accent, but no other idiosyncrasies are known, unless Sleepy feels like sharing.


Former house appliance; Super awesome dinosaur; bicyclist?

Notable abilities:

He has the ability to shoot icecubes from his trunk and can be used as a beast of burden. He can also ride a tiny bicycle without losing balance or crushing it horribly. Due to cybernetic implants, he has heat vision and

Notable Objects:

Has a tiny bicycle, which he tends to ride around on.

A trunk containing his possessions.



Background info:

Igor used to be a servant to Dr. Frankenstone, acting as the shower, sink faucet, and hose for the good doctor. He was one of the dinosaurs that followed Rocky the dinosaur into the portal, as per Kraggi's story goes. Not being lame, he didn't explode upon entering, and gained cybernetic implants as well as a few other things from the timeless dimension. Despite his evolution upon entering the fifth dimension, he is still good friends with the doctor but no longer as a servant, but a friend.

Other info:

  • The fifth dimensional dinosaurs was actually one of Kraggi's ideas. Sleepy made a play off it to create this silly character.
  • Igor has a cybernetic brain with a computer interface. This elephant never, ever forgets - he makes digital backups.
  • Igor cannot fly, like other dinosaurs in the fifth dimension. He does, however, think his jacket is 'super fly'.
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