Steve Frankenstone (MKRP)

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Name: Steve Frankenstone

Age: 23

Species: Caveman

Sex: Male

Nationality: Local (Prehistoric)


Steve looks and sounds very much like famed movie actor of yesteryear Boris Karloff. His clothes are in the Flintstoneā€™s style. This means an extended and frayed t-shirt which ends just below the knees. The white button down shirt with breast pocket resembles a lab coat in style.


Intelligent and a quick learner. Steve has a natural affinity for animals.


Mad Scientist

Notable abilities:

Steve can speak several animal languages and is very stealthy. The natural caveman ability, he has amazing strength and can push boulders and other heavy objects with ease. Steve, due to his profession, can build things that inexplicably work from rocks and sticks.

Notable Objects:




Background info:

Steve lived in prehistoric days where cars were made of wood and rocks, and where airplanes had not evolved beyond stone boxes tied on to the backs of impossibly large pterodactyls. It was a simpler time when dinosaurs and man coexisted peacefully. In his day, Steve Frankenstone, the macabre doctor, was considered to be a bit of a mad scientist. Most laughed at his strange ideas and said he was crazy. His experiments with electricity lead to the creation of what was then unjustly referred to as the Frankenstone monster. In fear of the unknown, the other cave people drove the doctor from the town. Steve fled to the nearby mountain seeking shelter. Unfortunately for Steve, a surprise blizzard struck and he was buried in snow and ice. He was flash frozen. This area of ice was later covered in dirt due to land slides creating a layer of permafrost. Land slides also caused him to slide off the mountain and into the boundaries of what is now mossy knoll. Through the process of natural erosion, the layer of permafrost containing Steve has slowly risen to the surface once again. He starts to thaw.

Other info:

  • Steve is good friends with Igor.
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