Rose Pertchin

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Full Name: Annabelle 'Rose' Pertchin

Age: 101

Species: Anthrofeline - Domestic

Sex: Female

Nationality: Outsider

Played by: Anti-Paragon


5'11" with green eyes and long, blonde hair. She has dark brown stripes that cover her legs, tail, back, and sides of her face, Lighter yellow fur covers from her mouth to the inside of her thighs, spanning most of her front torso, save a large patch of white fur that covers the front of her abdomen. Her hands are paw-like, with large retractable claws on the tips of her stout fingers, and a very broad tail, making her unique compared to most catkin. She has a tattoo of the Gal-Zabor symbol on the back of her left shoulder, but it cannot be seen through the fur.


Rose is generally a quiet and peaceful spirit who generally just wants to live at ease with close friends. Unfortunately, she can be rather emotionally unstable at times, and is prone to sudden mood swings. Despite this, Rose is more often than not a playful and happy person. As an otherworldly version of Ann, Rose still holds duty and perseverance to some regard, but she does not actively search for things to do. She is quite mellow and wise in nature, and her soft and delicate emotional nature makes her a good friend for any protector. She is very empathetic, and greatly influenced by the emotions of others, which may cause downward and upward spirals in her mood quite easily. Rose generally handles stress well and is one to always keep trying, unless her emotions get in the way. Rose given her past, is very fear resistant, but when she becomes afraid, she is generally overtaken by emotion. Rose is against violence, but generally doesn't care about laws, as long as no one gets hurt. Rose likes many things, especially since she is relearning most of the material and biological fancies as of late, but aside from Knave, nothing stands out in general. Rose fears small children, but is otherwise pretty open.



Notable abilities


Rose does not have any memory of her old, former training. She does have some knowledge in Archaic Lore. Any inane abilities Rose holds has not been found by the residents of Mossy Knoll (yet!)


It's unknown if Rose retained any of her abilities over the years. It is known that she is able to use yogamancy, but not to what degree.

Notable objects

Rose has a small, black hairband with a skull upon it from her long-time companion and lover Knave before he vanished from existence. It has the ability to turn all hair (or fur) on the wearer to pitch black, which she commonly uses to differentiate herself from Ann.


Rose has currently 'inherited' the Deathmanse from her former lover, Knave, but she holds no interest in the empty house as it is far too large for her.


Rose was much like Ann when she was 'younger'. Lead General of Gal-Zabor and Military adviser to Kraggi. Then a great war came. In this war she met Knave, and quickly they fell in love. As the war raged on, Gal-Zabor was crushed, leaving Rose with only Knave to lean on as they continued to resist the threat.

Unfortunately, Rose was killed in battle. Her spirit, having been captured much like Ann's own, was trapped by demonic forces for a short time but was broken free by Knave, who had managed to usurp the position of Death's Revenant and left the world slain and shattered. Together, with the use of Knave's new powers, they wandered the universes, watching, learning, and being together.

Finally, after roughly seventy-five years, Knave found Mossy Knoll, and soon after, with some ingenuity of a respawning machine and a fresh corpse of Ann (not taken by force, mind you) Rose was 'reborn'. Albeit as a 27 year old catgirl.

Other Information

  • Rose is accident prone. Specifically she tends to get stuck in things.
  • She doesn't have a fear of demons, like Ann and Kraggi.
  • She doesn't have much control over her emotions yet, as she has spent three quarters of a century without them.
  • She's the friskier of the two.
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