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Full Name: Ghost of Knave Future (aka "Ann-KF")

Age: Unknown

Species: Anthrofeline - Domestic

Sex: Female

Nationality: Outsider(Doppleganger)

Played by: eternaljwh

Last seen:


5'11" with green eyes, yellow fur and long, blonde hair. Build is athletic with an average frame. Thick legs, sharp shoulders and an C-cup chest. Dark brown stripes on her legs, tail, back, and sides of her face. Lighter yellow fur covers from her mouth to the inside of her thighs, spanning most of her front torso, save a large patch of white fur that covers the front of her abdomen. Hands are stubbed and paw-like, having short and broad two-knuckled fingers with thick pads on the front of the fingertips and the center of the palm. One inch retractable claws that extend from her fingers have a off-white yellow color and a slight inward curl. Feet are plantigrade and human-like, with pads at the ball of the foot and bottom of the toes. Non-retractable claws are on the end of every toe, ranging from Half-inch to quarter-inch depending on the superiority of the toe. A very broad and long tail makes her unique compared to most catkin. A tattoo of the Gal-Zabor symbol marks the back of her left shoulder, but it cannot be seen through the fur. Knave has no piercings or scars to date. While wearing the death shroud, she looks like a skeleton wielding a scythe, with some ragged, black feathered wings.


Might be filled later, if I can round enough info up.


Death: Reaper of the fallen.

Notable abilities

To be filled.

Notable objects

  • Death Shroud - renders the wearer invulnerable to harm.
  • Death's Scythe - I'll fill these in later.


Original owner of the Deathmanse, but it has been passed on to Rose in her absence.


In an alternate timeline, a great war raged. During this war, Knave and Ann met, and fell in love. The war crushed Gal-Zabor, and Ann was killed in battle. Grieving, Knave attempted suicide... and a twist of fate led to him slaying the Reaper who came for him, and taking the Office.

Still mad with grief over his loss, and now armed with the powers of Death Itself, Knave went on a rampage that destroyed the remaining life on the planet.

Once the madness passed, Knave was able to use his new power to free Ann's soul from being trapped by demonic forces, and the two left the slain and shattered world behind, travelling the multiverse together.

After 75 years of travelling, they found Mossy Knoll. Knave claimed the Office of local Death, and with some help from the local version of Ann, they were finally able to resume their life together (although not without a few complications along the way - including Knave being transformed into a physical copy of Ann!). The "reborn" Ann became "Rose" to avoid confusion (and took on the role of Ann's sister), and they settled in well, and looked to have a bright future ahead of them.

Until Knave vanished from existence...

Other information

  • Is inexplicably corporeal, despite being the Reaper. This was never addressed.
  • Knave was split into two individuals (one of whom became Aurora) by a glitch in the respawn process.
  • Knave joined MKRP on Friday, December 30, 2005, on page 13.
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