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Full name: Marion "Aurora" Knave (aka "Rose-KF", "???-KF", "Rainbow-KF")

Age: Uncertain (effectively immortal)

Sex: Female.

Species: Anthrofeline - Domestic (with some "alterations")

Nationality: Outsider (Doppleganger)

Played by: eternaljwh

Last seen: To be determined.


Aurora basically looks like Ann, but has spines growing from her forearms and some in a crest on her head (the spines are soft, and have rounded tips), one bat-like wing and one feathered, scalable eyelashes (that double as feelers), a longer (and slightly prehensile) tongue, a rat-like tail with scales at the tip, a radial eye pattern (one yellow, one blue), and randomly-coloured fur.


Aurora is slightly more uninhibited (and more frisky) than her "sister" Knave.


Death: Reaper of the fallen.

Notable abilities

She can extend and retract her eyelashes (and her wings) at will. She also tends to blush odd colours. As joint holder of the Office of Death, she has all of the abilities that come with the Office.

Notable objects

  • Death Shroud
  • Death's Scythe


Original owner of the Deathmanse, but it has been passed on to Rose in her absence.


Aurora is the sister/clone of Knave. She was created as a result of a glitch in the "respawn" process created by Knave for Mossy Knoll.

Other info

  • Is inexplicably corporeal, despite being the Reaper. This was never addressed.
  • Aurora was originally designated (OOC) as "Rose-KF" when she first manifested. Later, her transformation (due to eating an expired sandwich) led to her being (again, OOC) dubbed "Rainbow-KF", until she finally named herself "Aurora".
  • Ann was extremely distressed by witnessing Rose-KF's transformation into Aurora, and has had great difficulty dealing with Aurora face-to-face as a result. Aurora is understandably upset by this.
  • Knave and Aurora shared the Office of local 'Death' in Mossy Knoll.
  • Neither Knave nor Aurora has ever been certain which of them is the original. Not that it ever seemed to matter to them...
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