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E has more characters than anyone else in Mayhem, with the possible exception of VOR. Due to a contrary mood, they will be listed here, and updated at odd times, maybe categorized sometime.

  • Person At Computer(PAC) - The one typing this all.
    • Voices 0-6
    • Person At Computer's Avatars
      • Chibi
      • Extra
      • Nameless
      • Unknown
      • Kitty (love interest of ChibiVOR)
      • Phantom Voice's Avatar
      • the great urfushngh?bah! (who must be uncapitalized and also will be severely annoyed with being called a gub)
    • Phantom Voice
  • The Enforcers
    • Grammar Nazi
    • izaN rammarG (the mirrored Grammar Nazi)
    • Mechanics Nazi
    • Spelling Nazi
  • eternaljwh (f-ej/f-eternaljwh)
    • Various numbers
    • Kiara
  • Mysterious Voodoo Man
  • The Goddesses of
    • Fertility
    • Love
    • Happiness
  • The Omega Troop: Preferred nick, affectionate/derogatory nick (position)
    • the Pilot
    • Nox/Moxie(Ninja)
    • Pyro/Sparky(Fireman)
    • Gearhead/Grease(Mechanic)
    • Hawkeye/Peeps(f, Sniper)
    • Disassembler/Fuse(Sapper)
    • Bones/Leech(Medic), and four as-yet unnamed ones;
    • Major Knave, leader of above Omega Troop
      • Corporal Knave(Infernal Gates)
      • General Knave
      • a(lternate)Knave (OK, he doesn't really count, he had one appearance only)
      • the Ghosts of Knave
  • Glorph the ooze
  • Phlorg the ooze
  • Kaptain Keybeard, the Terror of the Eight Seas
  • Dr. Marion Susannah von Ehrmann
  • Svenfield, minion of the Svenpire
  • Minidragons:
    • Sky
    • Saturn
      • his adoptive uncle pegasus affectionately "Unc'"
    • Starlight
    • Shadow
      • his three Hatchlings
  • the Pirate(Kaptain Keybeard)'s Parrot
  • Nyx the Displacer Cat
  • Nonah the half-demon Lakedweller
  • the German Bartender
  • de Spectre the First, butler of the Deathmanse
  • de Spectre (unknown number, descendant of the above), waiter at the Rex, technically NPC
  • Butterfly Girl, Princess of the Meadow
  • Sayobi
  • Wizard
  • Ytasv
  • the Extra Army

Serious RP chars

  • Oberon Mistral (Wingies)
  • Deyanira (Transgenics RP)
  • Sharzaxeshexsssh(Drifters 2, 3 to be)
  • Ghost (The dead Circle of Magic RP)
  • Altair (Infernal Gates, Veneficus Academy RP)
  • The Renegade (Once for War-about when E left)
  • Kaspar Fisk

Characters who are sort of mine and someone else's are

  • Rose (Clone of Ann Pertchin, in MKRP)
  • Vl├┐ntyr
  • daughter of the Golden-Hearted


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