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Full Name: The Artmoogle (including the "The"), universally shortened to "Art"

Age: Technically 21 years old, mentally about 16 years old, physically in this current body 8 years old

Species: Human turned anthro-moogle. Technically "Reality Mage" is a physical trait here as well.

Sex: Male, but he's a moogle so it's only really determinable by his voice.

Nationality: ELSEWHERE!

Played by: Drayco


More or less this, though the outfit changes often. Most notably, he wears a lot of clothes that have a blue cloudprint pattern like that, since they're the easiest to create. In addition, he usually wears a headbandanna made of a deep blue fabric with wintry designs on it. His outfit also seems to always include at least one shirt pocket somewhere, which seems to be some kind of infinite holding space for anything he can fit inside it.

Because of the headbandanna, he has a faint but usually noticable minty smell about him. In addition, his eyes are big and blue on the rare occasions he isn't squinting like that.


Overly optimistic to a fault, a bit obsessive about helping people. Comes with the Reality Mage territory, really. Often comes off as too intelligent for how innocent and naive he usually acts, but sometimes can have bursts of seriousness and maturity. He also seems to have a bit of a blush reflex that comes with his innocent personality, when it comes to things that should come with a Tasteful Curtain...


Reality Mage!

Notable abilities


Good at drawing, and apparently a decent cook, but that's about it. Also has good night vision.


Reality Magic: Art's specialty, the power of the Reality Mages. In simplest terms, he snaps his fingers to focus, and in doing so changes aspects of reality itself to what he wants. It's been compared to lucid dreaming applied to real life. Beyond this, he can generate amorphous blue cartoonish-looking clouds that vary in shape, size, and texture, though usually have the consistency of a pillow made of marshmallow fluff, yet somehow solid as the aforementioned pillow.

In the literal sense, he is powered by the unbridled, infinite Chaotic power of his Imagination. By applying his own willpower in the form of Lawful energy to it (focused through the snap of his fingers), he can manipulate this energy to transform the world around him.

Subconsciously, the power itself is what makes him essentially exist. Art's physical form is a product of his Imagination, so if his powers were somehow completely negated (I don't know how, but if...), he would likely cease to exist. In addition, he and his muses are largely invincible unless they believe something can hurt them, or are unaware of the attack. So while Art is essentially made of clouds and doesn't have a discernible internal physical anatomy, if he's freaked out enough he can forget this and be as squishy and vulnerable as a normal living creature, and attacking him when he isn't expecting to be hit by anything (sniping, for example) is usually a problem as well, since he doesn't usually expect to be attacked at random.

Reality Magic seems to have two main limitations. 1) It cannot in any way affect the minds of other people, because the mingling of two Imaginations directly is dangerous. Art is vulnerable to telepathic attacks, however anyone who spends too much time connected to his head will almost certainly go crazy from the force of Chaos present there. And 2) Reality Magic cannot directly affect other people unless they're consciously and willingly allowing it.

In addition, Reality Mages are governed by a multitude of Rules, the three most important of which if broken tend to result in an immediate lack of existence. The three big ones are, in order:

- #1: Reality Mages must repair any Distortions in reality that they encounter. Distortions are any phenomena that should not exist within the laws of the universe they occur in.

- #2: Reality Mages may not Create or Destroy sentient life forms, unless it is necessary to do so to accomplish Rule #1.

- #3: Reality Mages may not directly use their powers against other Reality Mages.

Notable objects

- Almost always wears a wintry blue headband, which has a minty smell. It also seems to have the side effect of focusing one's mind, and in the case of two of Mossy Knoll's resident anthrofelines, helps to resist the effects of being in heat due to the wintry feel.

- Emerald monocle of Reality-Sight: One of the items given to all Reality Mages, it allows him to see unseen things, as well as the trails left by people's "Personal Realities". Seems to be in ill-repair, and mostly seems to be ignored as of late.


- Blue Cloud Inn (Formerly The House That Roan Built...)


- Was apparently once a human from a Prime world (a "normal" world, without magic and anything extraordinary or supernatural), but around age 13 he visited the Sanctum of Reality Mages in a dream, and was then reborn as a Reality Mage in his moogly form, and given the new name "The Artmoogle". He doesn't consciously remember anything from before becoming a Reality Mage.

- Came to Mossy Knoll after a series of unpleasant incidents on a world ruled by giant Amazon catgirls. He landed in Mossy Knoll accidentally,

Other information

- Has three Muses, aspects of his personality given consciousness and independent physical forms by his powers. They often reside in his mind, but occasionally they head out and wander around the town. Most notably, however, Art's Reality Magic power is limited while he doesn't have all his Muses with him, and without them he seems limited to creating objects and forms of his blue clouds, and his pocket-accessed Itemspace.

- Art and all of his Muses have a shared Itemspace, and can pull random items from it as needed. Art's takes the form of a shirt pocket, Roan's is accessed through his hat, Drayco's is a belt-pouch, and Marlee's is... betwixt her cleavage. >_>;

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