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Art's Muses in MKRP, the characters who hang around him.

Each of them represent Aspects of his personality.



Probably the most developed of them. Drayco is a draconic humanoid. His Aspect is Courage.


The Muse of Innocence and Creativity. Roan's physical form is that of a small elf-boy. Always wears blue.

Pic of Roan


The Muse of Intellect and Perviness. She is a werecat. Her usual form is an elven catgirl. Currently (due to it being a full moon in Mossy Knoll) she is stuck in her other form, that of a white cat.

Marlee also posseses a large hammer, that she can use to fly around on, in the manner of a witch's broomstick.


The Muse of Instinct and Competition. Rahn's physical form is that of an anthro-hyena. The most recent of the muses to emerge. Rahn is not very bright, but loyal and willing to help.


The Muse Crew

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