Roan House (MKRP)

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General description:

The House that Roan Built. Roan lives there, along with Art, Drayco, Marlee, Lee, and possibly others.

Created by:


Creation date:

To be determined.

Exterior description:

A two-story building apparently made of blue brickwork. A cloudprint awning hovers over the front door on two poles of clear glass-like blue crystal, and a large sign against the second story in front reads "Blue Cloud Inn". And beside the front door, there's a sign that reads "Grand Re-opening! All rooms at a 100% discount until the owner knows how the local currency works!"

Interior description:

The house has several bedrooms, plus a foyer and a kitchen. Each of the bedrooms is decorated in an appropriate style for the occupant.

A bathroom (with physics-defying plumbing) has also been added by Art.


  • Roan
  • Art


  • Marlee may claim a room for herself, but has not done so yet.

Items of Interest:

The rooms of Emerald and Sapphire are currently unoccupied.

Current condition in the RP:

Lee brought Ann here to attempt to cure her of being accidentally poisoned by Likal. This did not go well. There was an explosion, which left a fair bit of goo (and Ann's former body) spread all over the kitchen and other areas. We're going to need some serious cleaning up in there.

Update: Cleaning up all done, and Art has now refurbished the place, transforming it into the Blue Cloud Inn.

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