Likal Coraer (MKRP)

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  • Name: Likal Coraer
  • Race: Human
  • Age: Late 30s
  • Home Plane: Elowin (more on that later)
  • (Former) Profession: Historian, Therapist
  • Hair: Salt & pepper grey, short
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Build: 6'2" (a little under 2 meters), thin
  • Clothing: In a word: strange. The closest real-world equivalent would be something from the Renaissance period.
  • Attitude: Aloof. He tries to do good, but seems worried about getting too close to people. He seems to have a particular distaste for feline humanoids and night time.
  • Abilities: Trained in basic swordplay and magical mimicry (can mimic very basic magical abilities after close study, and can activate magical devices that normally only work for certain types of people). Also fairly adept at mental magic (illusions, charms, astral projection, and basic mind reading spells).
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