Tyveras (MKRP)

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Full Name: Tyveras Romerov Anquis (or sometimes Anqusian)

Age: ~500-10000 years

Species: Human(?)

Sex: Male

Nationality: Non-planitary

Played by: Tyveras


6'3", with dark brown eyes, fair skin and Short brown hair. Build is normal with a slender frame. Has been called a 'Mr. Twiggy' due to how thin he is sometimes.\


A bit weird. Though he is usually quite polite and serious at first, as it takes time for him to get to know people before he starts to open up and and joke with them. (Reactions to stressful environments). (Reactions to fear). (Reactions to wrongdoings/vigilance). He enjoys joking and teasing people but dislikes when he ends up the butt of a joke..


Dimensional traveler - A sort of 'interdimensional backpacker' who travels from universe to universe. Sorcerer - A magician with magical knowledge spread across all fields. Is an expert though at time/space manipulation magics.

Notable abilities


Can speak multiple languages... Most of them aren't human though. Ask him a question in Japanese and he'll just look at you blankly. Can repair and construct clockwork devices, and animate them through magic. Also is fairly good at math... Math is the language of the universe after all... Just be careful what you ask him, he has theories about the universe that involve several gods, a chicken egg, and a quardratic equation. No intrinsic or passive magical abilities are known.


Considers himself a practicioner of all forms of the arcane arts. But that is probably just arrogance really. He does have a fair knowledge, of elemental spells, necromancy, summoning, divining (Though he gave up trying to tell the future a long time ago. Didn't want to get bored...). But his true expertise lies in time-space spells. You control time and space, you control alot. Downside is, for some of the bigger spells you need a power source like a neutron star to get it too work. Hence it takes alot of energy to jump dimenions and realities. and He doesn't do it often. As such he doesn't use his space time spells often. Only when the situation calls for it.

Notable objects

One cane, that seems to be carved from human bone. But is in fact just a piece of wood. A clockwork pocketwatch, which has to be wound every 36 hours. One 1930's black fedora hat

Owned Buildings

None. (You're not going to start with a house, but when you get one, a link to the house goes here. The Rex doesn't count as a house unless you are an actual permanent resident.) (Shops go here too, should you own one.)


Back when he was 'young', he discovered how to tap into the universal lay-lines that power the magic in the universe. Since then he has been exploring, searching, and trying to better define his continued existance. Especially since his appearnce of youth and vitallity is completely derived from the magical energies he drains daily from the universe he is currently in.

Alas, there is a downside to this form of magic. While it can give unlimited amounts of power to those who weild it, it requires a certain... Tuning in. Which may take days, weeks, months and if very unlucky years. If this happens, he can usually fall back on a reserve of magic which usually last for a week, if he doesn't have to cast any spells. Or manage to drain enough ambient magic from the surroundings to keep himself alive. No magic, Ty go poof!

Also, there are universes, worlds, and pocket dimensions which Ty can only derive small amounts of magic from. Mostly likely due to the fact the 'tuning' was only partially successful. In such universes, he is a relatively moderate magican and has to rely upon his knowledge of jinxs, incantations, hexs, etc. to keep him going. And Unfortunatly, Mossy Knoll happens to be one of those universes...

Other information

if Ty is transformed he temporarily looses the ability to proform any magic. This usually lasts a full 2 days. He has never told anyone about this.

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