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Lara Sabarac-Mage is a Plushie (she insists on the capital letter) copy of Lia, created (along with others) during an outbreak of chaos magic in Fort Mayhem, and then magically animated by Alex_Mage (and is thus one of his "children"). Her last name is hyphenated as an acknowledgement of both her parents. Well, technically, she has three parents, since she effectively has two fathers (Alex and Michael).


Lara is very much like her "mother" - she is friendly and easy-going, but very protective of anyone she considers to be under her care. She likes hugs, but dislikes being squeezed. She also has a habit of "dropping in" on people, landing on their heads. (Fortunately, she only weighs about as much as your average teddy bear...)


Lara has "inherited" (for lack of a better term) all of Lia's healing abilities and knowledge of magic. She is however, less powerful than Lia, due to her smaller size. She also has Lia's ability to travel through "space-warps" (which she uses to get around the Fort).

Being a Plushie, she is effectively immune to most of the things that can kill or incapacitate a flesh-and-blood being (drowning, falls, poisons, diseases, etc.). She is, however, vulnerable to fire, one of the few things she actually fears.

As an animated construct (albeit one with a soul), she cannot be affected by normal TF guns.

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