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Not to be confused with Cory Deleon (despite the fact that they are essentially different versions of the same character), Cory Delone is a character created for the HHFO Again! RP.

Main differences:

  • This Cory is much younger (18).
  • She is slightly shorter, at 5'6".
  • She has different fur colouring.
  • She was never a male.
  • Her powers are slightly different.
  • She prefers to not wear clothing, being more comfortable in just her fur.
  • She wears her hair fairly short.
  • Her backstory is rather different.

Death of Mayhem

Cory was rescued/recruited/whatever from the deceased HHFO Again! RP to become part of the Death of Mayhem RP. She probably missed her new girlfriend, Marlee, although she did not have time to deal with this.

Being a lifelong science-fiction fan, she accepted the idea of the "multiple worlds" thing, but was not totally sure how she felt about the idea of being a "fictional character".

And then, it never happened...

(Note: the above was wiped out by the death of the Death of Mayhem RP, and her re-use in the Dead RPs RP Redux, and thus is no longer part of her canonical history. Or is it...?)

Dead RPs RP Redux

Cory was rescued from the HHFO Again! RP (effectively retconning the above out of existence) by a pair of moogles sent by the Moogle of Mayhem, and taken to the Redux Hub. This meant leaving Marlee behind...

It remains to be seen how things will work out, although it seems that she has found a fellow gadgeteer in one of the resident moogles, named Kudon. She also made a few new friends, including a certain mad scientist.

Being part of an expedition to other worlds to help in the rescuing of others led to her discovering a new ability - when TF'd, activating her powers will cancel the transformation, restoring her catgirl form.

It also led to a surprise for Cory...

Fort Mayhem

Now going by "CJ", she serves as the Fort's resident TF expert.

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