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Name: Corinna "Cory" Deleon (surname is pronounced as "de Leon")

Gender: Female

Species: Anthrofeline (originally human)

Hair: Purple, straight, and normally worn shoulder length

Eyes: Green


A tall (around 5’9”) golden-furred catgirl, with a slim, well toned body. (She actually looks rather like KF-Oz, except without the other's stripes or spectacles.)

Clothing: Normally favours blue jeans and a T-shirt. She generally prefers to go barefoot, feeling little need for footwear of any sort. When in "battle mode", she wears a green-and-white bodysuit with a stylised green flame emblem on the front, and her eyes glow green. (Her flame-aura also distorts her voice slightly - this is indicated by bold green text.)

Personality: Normally friendly and easygoing, possesses a lively sense of humour (although she does tend to be a bit sensitive about “cat-related” expressions, for obvious reasons) and has a weakness for bad puns. Naturally curious, and interested in just about everything. Has rather a temper at times. Fiercely protective of people she cares about. Can be a bit absent-minded at times. Not really a morning person.


Skills and abilities

Cory has retractile claws on both hands and feet, which combined with her feline agility and reflex es, makes her a formidable opponent in any hand-to-hand fight. She is somewhat stronger than a human her size, and uses this to her advantage. She can jump about twice her own height, or more with a running start. Speaks five languages, though only considers herself to be fluent in three of them.

One of her stranger abilities is her ability to create an aura of green flame around her body. This aura allows her to fly, to walk through walls, and also gives her other abilities, the full extent of which she is still discovering, including the ability to project semi-solid energy forms, much like a Green Lantern, although she is not as powerful.

She can absorb a blast from a TF gun without being herself transformed, and temporarily store this energy within herself, to fire back at an opponent.


Cory doesn’t like to talk much about her early history, although she has let slip that originally she was a human (and male!). As a result of an accident with an experimental TF device, she was permanently transformed into a catgirl. Feeling that she could not return to her old life, she renamed herself "Corinna Deleon", and set out to build a new life for herself.


Corelle Deleon-Mage is a plushie copy of Cory, created (along with others) during the outbreak of chaos magic in Fort Mayhem known as the "Chaos Cold", and then magically animated by Alex_Mage (and thus one of his "children"). As such, she "inherited" the powers and personality of her "mother" (although she does seem to be developing a personality of her own, including a streak of impulsiveness).

She always speaks in green text, as she prefers to remain "powered up" at all times; among other things, this allows her to use her power of flight to get around (which is almost a necessity when you are in a place built by and for people 12 times your size!).

Corelle's last name is hyphenated as an acknowledgement of both her parents (technically, she has three parents, as both Alex and Michael are her fathers...)

Most of Corelle's siblings were killed when the destruction of Fort Mayhem wiped out the Plushie Underground. She is understandably not happy about this.


  • Cory was originally created for the HHFO RP.
  • Since then, she has been making appearances in Kylen's Interdimensional Bar, and taking part in the various battles of The Crossover Wars.
  • These days she mostly hangs out in Fort Mayhem, where she has been promoted from general staff to become the new Aide-de-Camp. She is currently serving as the Defence Force's Second-in-Command, having been promoted again.
  • Cory's T-shirts seen so far include:
    • A Green Lantern T-shirt, in Fort Mayhem.
    • A faded dark green T-shirt (with the words "Yes, I Really Am A Catgirl" in white letters), in Kylen's Bar.
  • Cory likes seafood, and alternate history novels. "Downtime" for her will usually involve one or both of these.

Cory in "Battle mode"

Cory's usual outfit

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