A Cursed Few

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A grim sci-fi RP started by Guessmyname, and still open for players.


Current Player List

Guessmyname - GM

Cheez - Tatiana Ivanov

Jesse_God_of_Awesome - Grim Silence + Jimmy Dean


Evolution, it is said, takes thousands of years. Often these changes are small, and because of the gap between them, hard to spot. But occasionally, one small change in a person's genes, can yield dramatic results...

The year is unknown, but Humanity has long since perfected space-travel, taken to the stars. Thousands of planets are colonised. Under the Terran Government, an age of peace and prosperity has decended. It is a pity that it will not last for much longer.

A few, a cursed few, only one or two per planet, have developed... abilities. They are feared, and they are hunted. But most of all, they are exploited. Those not under the control of the many corporations hungering for profit must stay on the run, and off the radar. Invisible.

The only people there to help them are the Terran Inquisition, and they do that mainly to combat the corporations. Despite their name, the agents of the Inquisition are the good guys in this story. They are the only hope of the Cursed. However, many of them are under Corp control, and many more are being watched. The only way to get the help of the Inquisition for certain, would be to go directly to their headquarters, on Terra, and that is far from easy...

Information and stuffs

The Cursed are psychic. They have the power of telekinesis, telepathy and so on. Some lucky ones can telemorp (change their appearance).

The Cursed can be any one, from a low-life ganger to a Planetary Governor’s daughter, or a member of one of the Great Houses. Many come under the control of the many corporations, who control them using implants, though these can be damaged or even destroyed by another Cursed (using telepathy and telekinesis). The implants also boost their abilities. It should be noted that cybernetic implants are illegal.

Those that manage to keep secret try either to live their own lives as best they can or join the Inquisition. Contacting an Investigator (Inquisition agent) is dangerous, as many are being watched. The only safe way to join them is the go directly to their headquarters on Terra (Earth).

Fortunately, the Inquisition's upper echelon includes quite a lot of the Cursed, who will do their best to help you reach them once they discover you.

Assorted Notes:

  • FTL is possible.
  • The Great Houses are ancient families with lots of money. Often obsessed with 'family honour', and their ideals are almost always old-fashioned.
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