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A 'Feminazi' group from a magicless universe, the Organisation sent representatives to the EGS-DF to hire themselves out as mercenaries in return for TF technology. They were refused and instead contacted ChibiVOR. This alliance actually happened.



  • To seize power in their home universe
  • To eliminate the male gender

Organisation forces

Regular troops

Squads of 15:

  • Leader - Low ranking officer or NCO. Equipped with radio
  • 1 antitank + 1 light support gunner OR 1 heavy machine gun crew (2 people)
  • 1 sniper
  • 1 medic OR 1 regular soldier
  • 10 regular troops.

Standard weapons: M4 assault rifle, RPG-29, FN M249 SAW, Browning M2HB, Glock 17.

Many regular soldiers were in various militaries before joining Organisation. Basic military training minimum standard. Standard uniform is similar to that of the present day US Army's.

Special forces

Squads vary in size. Usually range from 3-15.

For a squad of 10:

  • 1 leader. Middle-high ranking officer. Equipped with radio
  • 1 antitank
  • 1 light support gunner
  • 1 sniper
  • 1 explosives expert/combat engineer
  • 1 medic
  • 4 non-specialist troops

No standard weapons - Depends on personal choice.

All SF troops have intra-squad radios as well as the main radio. SF troops are chosen at the age of 3 months and are separated and trained for the rest of their lives. All troops are experts in close quarters combat and markswomanship. SF soldiers are all trained to a high degree in all aspects of combat, so if a specialist is killed, a non-specialist can replace her. Soldiers are also trained linguists, each being at least trilingual to a conversational level. SF are used for covert ops and bodyguarding important Organisation members as well as combat.

Standard uniform is Dragon Skin armour with 'Chameleon' intelligent camouflage (Can be programmed to show a specific pattern or blend in with the surroundings. OSF snipers normally use the ORGS-1 silenced sniper rifle, a weapon based on the Dragunov SVD.


Tanks and APCs are used. Most common types are T-84, Challenger 2, M1 Abrams, BTR-90, BMP-3.


As well as non-combat aircraft, a small number of helicopters and fighters are used. AH-64 Apache helicopters and Harrier jumpjets are mainly used.

Due to the nature of their portals, they are unable to send vehicles or large numbers of troops.


The Organisation has developed their own inter-universal portal technology. It is primitive compared to others, e.g. the DRACO. Portals take massive amounts of energy to generate, can be unstable and are unable to take vehicles or large numbers of people.

Known Organisation members

  • Dr. Anne Price - One of the two original ambassadors to Mayhem. A scientist.
  • Captain Jane Bergmann - One of the two original ambassadors to Mayhem. A soldier.
  • Colonel Sherman - An OSF officer in command of the Organisation forces sent to help the EOU and their allies in the battle against the Allied forces including the EGS-DF and Scale of CameoComic.
  • Corporal Alana Jenkins - An OSF soldier, taken prisoner during the CameoComic battle. Her mind was altered by Major Black. Has since 'escaped'.
  • ORAXP 20225, originally Phil Hodges - An ORA soldier, taken prisoner in the same battle as Jenkins. Was kidnapped and TGed by the Organisation. They tried to brainwash him/her, but failed. (s)he managed to hide the fact that (s)he had managed to avoid being brainwashed and was given military training and put into an ORA unit. A few months later, his/her unit was sent to the battle and (s)he was taken prisoner.
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