Cheez's characters in the Free for all Fantasy RP

From Egs Mayhem

John Gregorisson

Age- Around 30

Gender- Male

Appearance- 6 feet tall, green eyes. Short, messy brown hair and a stubbly beard. Wears old, cheap clothes which are often dirty. Usually smells of horses or horse dung.

Occupation (at start of RP)- Has a job cleaning out the stable of an inn


Age- 27

Gender- Male

Appearance- Orc. 7 feet tall, heavily tattoed with symbols of Cruach. Darker than usual skin. Wears a crude iron breastplate, iron scale mail shoulder and upper arm armour and iron greaves. Has a broadsword slung over his back and an axe and a morningstar hanging from his belt.

Occupation- Follower of Cruach, warrior.


Age- Around 2-400

Gender- Male

Appearance- 6'2. Wears black robes, his chin and white beard just visible under the hood. Carries a black staff, the head of which had been carved into the shape of a dragonlike monster devouring a man.

Occupation- Follower of Cruach, sorcerer

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