Kaleb Swift

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Kaleb Swift

Occupation: Ex-military, also security guard and volunteer Army Cadet instructor

Age: 29

Gender: male

Personality: Slightly antisocial, slightly paranoid (both of these character traits are effects of his combat history), not agressive, but can be violent, especially when provoked. Another effect of his military training is that he's slightly over-zealous about personal fitness.

Appearance: Tall, around 6.5 feet, with medium-length (as long as work and ACF standards allow), slightly curly light brown hair. Build- muscular athletic.

Usually wears:

  • Security uniform - black trousers, T shirt and jacket, army boots.
  • ACF uniform - Army uniform (rank = staff sergeant)
  • Street/regular clothes - usually either jeans and green/red tshirt or army trousers and red/blue tshirt. Black trainers or army boots. He has bullet scars on his left thigh and chest.

Notes: He served in Afghanistan, and won several commendations, but was wounded and invalided out of the armed forces. He was offered a desk job, but declined. After several months of recovery, he was fit enough to get employment as a security guard and resume his job at the ACF. At home, he has several knives (kitchen and 1 or 2 combat), an axe (usually used for chopping wood) and a machete (no explanation for that, he's just a bit crazy). At the nearby ACF hut, he has access to 3 bolt-action Lee-Enfield .22 caliber target rifles and a couple of air rifles.

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