Eddie Way

From Egs Mayhem

Cheez's character for the BioNode RP.

Name: Eddie Way

Age: 25

Height: 5'7

Occupation: Security grunt

Appearance: Asian. Has short black hair and relatively dark skin. Athletic build. Wears standard security uniform. Always very neat and tidy.

Personality: Quite serious most of the time, rarely making jokes and evern more rarely getting the ones he's told. Has a strong sense of duty and can be very stubborn. Woe betide you if he catches you without a security pass. Has proved himself to cope well under pressure in previous jobs.

Skills: Is a decent shot using small arms and has some knowledge of martial arts (Note- I don't so if he's accepted and I have him do an impossible or stupid move, please tell me and I'll edit.). Has received basic first aid and crisis aversion* training.

History: A 3rd generation Chinese immigrant, he's lived in [country where this is set] all his life. His parents were both 'lower class' workers- his father a labourer and his mother a cleaner. They encouraged him to do well in school but despite this he didn't get brilliant grades. A career as a security guard seemed like a decent move to him, so at 19 he got a job as one at a local sports centre. He's had various other security jobs between then and now and was recently lured away from a job at a nightclub due to the fact that BioNode paid relatively well and seemed like an easy job- the worst he could expect was a few people protesting about the controversial science- or so he thought...

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