Joseph Molov

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Joseph Molov

Age: 23

Hair: Long, brown, messy. He has a thick beard.

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Around 6 foot 5, muscular build. Wears standard Enlisted uniform. He has replaced his standard-issue boots with a set of paratrooper boots he looted. He has darkly tanned skin.

Class: Enlisted (corporal)

Weapon skill: Any, as long as it's not too difficult to use. He has three frag grenades, a Mauser C-96 pistol, a FAMAE S.A.F submachine gun, a fire axe and a combat knife.

Special Skill: Better-than-normal reflexes

Bio/history: The son of a pair of Enlisted soldiers. As were their parents, their parents, ETC. His family has been in the military since long before the War. His Mauser is a family heirloom, and he'd never even think about trading it in for a newer sidearm. He got the FAMAE from a corpse, as he preferred it to his issued rifle, due to its rapid rate of fire and small size. He is usually friendly and cheerful. He enjoys combat and, when not on a mission, is often found training. He scavenges when he can, and is not squeamish about searching the dead. He has several rings on both hands (none on his trigger fingers or thumbs, but at least 1 on every other finger).

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