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An up and coming RP started by Lohti

In another world similar to our own, the continent of Dava has recently been ravaged by political issues and international mishaps. This, in turn, has lead the people of Dava to split into two factions over the political anarchy as the last chieftain was assassinated during a public speech in the city of Matobav, the current capitol of the alliance. The factions have named themselves after their electives: the alliance of Hythra is headed by Doldov Hythra. Hallit Teruga heads the republic of Teruga, aided by his consulate.



Hythra is a fairly mountainous region, interspersed with some woodland and is mostly covered in plains. The landscape is heavily settled and the capitol, Matobav, is built upon a lake.


Teruga has long since been the heartland of the continent of Dava, situated within a number of rivers and thick woodland. This makes for ideal farmland where cleared. The capitol of the Republic is Dustag, a city built upon a conjunction of three rivers.

1.3 Storyline

Part 1: Enlistment

Players will begin within the confines of Shalatad, a Hythra base training camp. Here they will be instructed on their various specialties by a host of staff sergeants. After graduation from base camp, they will be breifed on the mission by the chief staff sergeant.


  • Doldov Hythra
  • Hallit Teruga
  • Rook Ikar
  • Tal Fahs
  • Pratos


Players will be assigned weaponry and respective ammunition depending on their specialty upon visiting the armory, but can buy more weapons and ammunition if they so wish.

  • T12 Semi-auto Pistol
  • MD7/MD7-G Assault rifle
  • M52 Shotgun
  • MDS-SD Silenced Submachine Gun
  • M327 Grenade Launcher
  • MF34 MAW
  • M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon


2.2 Listings of possibilities


  • Human- the control to base others off of.
  • Catman- Better hearing and aim, not recommended for medical occupations.
  • Ratman- Higher resistance to infection, nightvision, but somewhat fragile. Best used as spies or scouts.
  • Foxman- better hearing and perception, cannot operate artillery.
  • Lizardman- very good strength, but can't ride horses, as they tend to scare them.
  • Wolfman- Socialite, great at commanding. Senses can override logic at times of extreme stress.
  • Dogman- Great tracking abilities, not to be used at the battlefront, strong gunpowder scents could make a dogman go insane.
  • more to come


  • Medic
  • Infantry
  • Cavalry
  • Artillery
  • Spy
  • Scout
  • Rifleman
  • Demolitions
  • Heavy support

Military Etiquette

  • Soldiers are expected to wear their uniforms properly, and inspections to enforce this will be prepared without warning by officers of the Hythrian army.
  • Soldiers are also expected to salute officers present without hesitation. Players do not need to worry about this currently, as in the training camp promotions will rarely be given, so it is advised that players salute everyone wearing any kind of stripes on the uniform.
  • Soldiers will be expected to follow orders, not only in regulation but in times of crises, should anything such befall during camp.
  • Soldiers who do not abide by these regulations will be dealt with swiftly by the commanding seargant.

Pay grades

  • Private ----------$8.00 per week
  • Ensign ----------$14.00 per week
  • Orderly ----------$20.00 per week
  • Seargant ----------$25.00 per week
  • Petty officer ----------$35.00 per week
  • Senior officer ----------$50.00 per week
  • Major ----------$65.00 per week
  • Colonel ----------$85.00 per week
  • General ----------$125.00 per week

Commisioned weaponry

  • Infantry -- MD7/MD7-G, two grenades, 40 rounds ammunition (cartridge)
  • Cavalry --Saber, T12, saddle, horse/ pigfeed, 25 rounds ammunition (note: enlisted must provide the *horse or boar to become cavalry)
  • Artillery -- T12, M327, one grenade, 20 rounds ammunition, 12 grenade rounds.
  • Scout -- MD7/MD7-G, one grenade, 30 rounds ammunition.
  • Rifleman -- Scoped MD7, 20 rounds ammunition.
  • Medic -- T12, medikit, 20 rounds ammunition.
  • Spy -- not supplied by the Hythra army.
  • Demolitions -- T12, MF34, five grenades, 35 rounds ammunition, 5 rockets.
  • Heavy support -- M224-A3, 1 extra chain ammunition.


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