Rufus 'Ox' Isaac

From Egs Mayhem

Cheez's character in the Davian Civil War RP

Name: Rufus Isaac (Nickname- Ox)

Race: Bullman

Age: 26

Sex: M

Occupation: Heavy Support

Appearance: Large, even for Bullman standards. Heavily muscled. Thick orangey-red fur/hair, large, upwardly curving horns. His hair grows over his eyes, but he keeps his fringe trimmed. He has a scar on his nose. Brown eyes. 7'0 tall.

Personality: Violent and stupid, but loyal. Will unquestioningly obey an order. Brave and enjoys fighting.

History: Joined up because it was either that or go to prison. He'd been arrested for several violent crimes. Previously, he'd worked for a gang in Matobav, doing low level grunt work.

Contacts: Has friends in low places, thanks to gang conections.

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