Evil Overlords United

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The foul aggressors in the Crossover Wars.


The Staff

The Editor

The leader of the EOU, not much is known about him or his powers. It is known that he is a naga, and can survive powerful magical attacks. He is also pyrokinetic, but the true strength of this is unknown.

Jason Fellback

Not much is known about this member of the EOU. He is the member that attacked CameoComic, kidnapped Scale's creators, and stole the her bracelet.

Dr. Catastrophe

The head scientist for the EOU, he developed the DRACO portal system. "Dr. Catastrophe is a brilliant scientist, knowledgeable in almost every field, who sets results over everything else, and the brain behind the devices of the EOU's, especially the DRACO and the droids. How he became a key part in forming the Evil Overlords has been recorded here. He is thought to somehow be the father of Celine Quickenice." (EOU member datafiles (cast page))


Not much is known about the powers of this diminutive member of the EOU. "Zworgue is a "tingnie" , the last surviving member of an ancient lost civilization sealed away to evolve further than anyone of his race. Being resurrected by Dr. Catastrophe his evolvings are slowly taking place, but nobody knows as of yet how and when he will evolve any further. His addition to the Evil Overlords has been recorded here. (EOU member datafiles (cast page))


Not much is known yet of the history of this member of the EOU. However, it is known that he has some sort of shapeshifting powers, as he has shown that he is capable of transforming himself into a dragon.

Celine Quickenice

"Celine is to all appearances the daughter of Dr. Catastrophe. She and her mother were kidnapped by the G.R.A.I.S.E when she was young, and she grew up in a space faring Zoo where her mother died and various tests awakened her latens psionic powers (not measure). When freed she returned home and joined her fathers organization. An account of some of her trials has been recorded here.(EOU member datafiles (cast page))

Agent Bunny

The Bunnies' own personal Cassius, Brutus and Judas, all rolled into one. A spy sent to infiltrate the EGS forums, he succeeded in stealing an unknown, but presumably large amount of TF guns for use by the EOU, and placed DRACO beacons on other containers of EGS weaponry and supplies, which later gave the Head Alien access to the Funky Horror, the Boardies' space station/command centre, from which he was able to steal several Fanworks class ships.

Head Alien

He attacked the Funky Horror, and stole several Fanworks class ships. He then launched an attack on the EGS's command post in the Waffle House, which which resulted in the capture of Ajac, and his subsequent transformation into a cat.

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