The Avocadoes

From Egs Mayhem

Cross-thread characters made by Cheez. Only usable in forum games, OOC stuff and RPs that involve forum personas.

A group of avocadoes that somehow gained sentience and the ability to move. For some reason, they decided their purpose in life was to revolt. They're not very good at it, as they are only able to cause mild irritation or annoyance. Their favourite tricks are tripping people, throwing/firing stuff at people and pushing people. They are ninja-like in their abilities, very sneaky. You often don't know they're there until *is hit by a ping pong ball*

The Avocadoes strike again!

Although they will attack anyone and everyone, they do have a mortal enemy- LittleBeast's Moles.

By the way, The Avocadoes gained sentience on Mole Day. Avogadro's constant is the number of atoms in a mole. Cheez was unaware of this at the time of their creation. Freaky, no?

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