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An RP by Cheez. As of 21 Nov '07, it was still in the signup/discussion stages.



1997- The biotech and pharmaceuticals division of the Sun Corporation, an Asian business conglomerate, starts research on methods to halt- or perhaps even reverse- the aging process. The aim of this is to give the user eternal life, barring any accidents they might have. This would make the corporation massively rich.

2001- The research is scrapped- after four years and several billion dollars, the methods researched proved ineffectual. However, one method, a genetically modified virus, has some unexpected side effects- it kills the test subject then brings them back to life for a period of a few hours. The subject is in a vegetative state during this period.

2009- In need of cash, the Sun Corporation sells the research to the US military. A secret project aiming to weaponise the virus is begun, codenamed Project Narwhal.

2015- Project Narwhal is completed. It is considered a success. The virus, codenamed Agent N, is deployed via an airborne strike. Within half an hour, any corpses in the area, provided they have an undamaged brain, are reanimated. Living victims take up to 15 hours to 'turn'. They attack any living beings, driven by feeding instincts. The virus can reanimate the corpses for a period of 24 hours. After this time period has elapsed, specialised military units move into the area and mop up any survivors.

2016- Agent N is used effectively in combat in Libya, the most recent country to be attacked in America's War On Terror. It proves devastatingly effective against military installations.

2017- Agent N is used in the Al Jufrah municipality. The virus mutates, becoming a new strain- AN2. This is much more dangerous than AN1- victims can be reanimated indefinitely and it is far more contagious. Also, some victims seem to be more physically and mentally able than their AN1 counterparts. The virus rapidly spreads throughout the country. It eventually spreads past Libya's borders, to other Middle Eastern countries. An aeroplane carrying US troops home brings the virus, via a carrier, to America. It rapidly spreads throughout the rest of the world, spread by infected people leaving the country on aeroplanes before the outbreak was recognised.

April 20, 2017- Infection in many countries including Britain. At first it was thought to be rioting. Eventually the truth was discovered. Very few people actually told anything other than the most basic of details.

April 27, 2017- The infection has spread to [Where the RP is set]. Citizens urged to remain calm and either stay inside their homes or go to the nearest emergency centre. Police and the army will pick up civilians and escort them to safe zones. You are picked up by helicopter. As well as the pilot, there are two soldiers and a few civilians inside. The helicopter flys to a military barracks being used as a safe zone. It has been compromised and is full of zombies. One soldier and a couple of civilians are killed before the survivors can make it back to the helicopter. It takes off. There is another 'safe zone' on the other side of the town, but the helicopter is forced to land before it can get there- it was running low on fuel already and has run out. This is where the RP will start from.


No doubt, you will be wondering what kind of zombie I shall be using- slow, 'classic' ones or faster Dawn of the Dead or 28 days type ones. The answer is both. I read The Zombie Hunters and will be basing mine off their zombie system, but not using the Basilisk or Howler zombies. Unless of course you guys want me to, that is.


  • Crawlers

The least dangerous type of undead when alone, crawlers are also known as the slowest (and dumbest) zombie class. However, they tend to group together, where their sheer numbers can be just as overwhelming as speed and adaptability. Crawlers are the most commonly found zombie in the world, outnumbering any other class by at least twenty to one. Incredibly slow, they tend to wander around aimlessly, waiting for victims to fall into their clutches. If, by some poor chance, an individual happens to catch the attention of an entire group of crawlers, the shambling undead will pursue them. Fortunately, crawlers move at a moderate walking speed (depending on their injuries) that would probably be easy to outrun. Still, getting close to a crawler is very, very dangerous. Though many people view the crawler to be harmless, if it can approach within arm's reach, it will lash out and quickly shred its victims. Spitters have been known to travel with groups of crawlers, using the horde's superior numbers as a way to conceal their own classes.

  • Berzerkers

The berserker is possibly the most dangerous and rare of the seven known zombie classes. Sadistic in nature, they take malicious pleasure in causing pain. These undead do not bite their victims immediately. Instead, the berserker will brutally beat their wounded foes. This practice can last for quite some time, depending on how resilient the target is. Some speculate that berserkers might simply be playing with their food, like cats often do. Only when the victim has become completely unable to respond, even unconsciously, will the berserker begin to feed. If the victims are rescued before they are bitten, they may survive, though their chance of being rescued before the damage is too great is very low. The torture can be so crippling and extreme that it may be kinder to euthanize the victim. Berserkers have been known to reach a top running speed of 30mph, which is 3 miles per hour above the world record for human sprinters. When berserkers find a potential victim, they will immediately break into a run and try to tackle their target. Because of their rarity, berserkers are usually solitary, but they have been observed traveling in ‘riot groups’ ranging in number between ten and twenty individuals. These zombies usually hold a frightening and agressive appearance, and unlike the other classes these zombies are known to have facial expressions of that of a twisted grin, accompanied by a sick laugh like a death rattle. Berserkers are one of the more intelligent zombie classes, being able to learn from example. Some recorded cases describe a berserker opening doors and using objects as bludgeoning tools. Fortunately, this mimicry seems to be the extent of their learning capacity.

  • Hunters

A class that would have anyone constantly looking over their shoulder, hunters are a very elusive type of zombie. Hunters can stalk their prey so secretively that the victim won’t even know they’ve been followed until the hunter's teeth are buried in their neck. Hunters are extremely hard to identify, as they display almost no visible difference from any other type of zombie. Only the hunter's behavior sets them apart from a regular crawler. Unlike the crawler, the hunter is very fast, flexible, acrobatic, and stealthy. They have been known to stalk a person for days, weeks, or even months when given the opportunity. Hunters are generally found in areas that provide concealment, such as trees, old buildings, or even tall grass at the edge of the woods. They tend to avoid open areas or large groups of other undead, preferring stealth and cunning to mob tactics or overt aggression.

  • Spitters

Perhaps the most lethal zombie class, the spitter is able to harm, kill, or turn a human without even touching them. Unlike any of the other zombie classes, which have to grapple with their victims, the spitter does the most damage from a distance. As its name implies, the spitter can spit virus-contagious, acidic saliva half the length of a football field. This acid is a fast acting digestive that makes it easier for this class to devour its prey. Moreover, if some unwary individual is unfortunate enough to get too close to this undead, it will vomit the acidic substance all over the victim's body. The acid is very corrosive, and as soon as it hits skin, the victim is considered to have been turned. Spitters are known to travel with crawlers, but can be distinguished from the crowd by their distinctive gagging sounds. Visually, spitters are known for their missing or acid-burned clothing and hair; damage that is generally thought to be caused by poor aim or control on the part of the zombie.

  • Mercies

Mercy zombies are one of the most peculiar in function of all the zombie classes. They are also likely to be the most humane, thus earning their name. The movement of a mercy has been described as elegant, fluid, graceful movements, unlike their shambling cousins. Mercies seem to travel long distances to seek out the sick, weak, and injured. Unlike any other zombie, they will simply follow their victims, not pursue them. Moving at a steady walking pace, mercies will patiently track their target until that individual has finally collapsed. Only when their victim is unable to carry on, will the mercy make its approach. A mercy zombie will embrace its intended victim, and take a single bite from the target's throat or from another vital artery. The mercy will then gently hold its dying prey keeping them still and prevent them from running away. This undead will emit a soft cooing noise, sometimes even comfortingly run its hand over the distressed victims hair or face until they die. Once the mercy's meal has turned, the mercy will release them. The mercy may linger with the new undead for several hours, depending on the undead type that the victim has become. Amazingly, mercies will fend off other zombies, protecting their unturned victims from being mutilated and eaten by another, not so merciful, zombie class.

  • Carriers

Although these don't technically count as zombies, they deserve a mention here. Carriers are people who, despite being infected, show no signs of zombism. They will not turn if bitten. Physical contact with them should be done with caution though- any transfer of bodily fluids will also transfer the virus. This has caused outbreaks in several places, where a carrier has kissed someone, passing on the disease.



  • Name: Private Jack Brewer

Gender: M

Age: 18

Appearance: 6' tall, athletic build. Brown hair in a buzz cut. Green eyes. Wears military uniform complete with gasmask.

Personality: Usually cheerful, quite a joker. Since the outbreak, he's been prone to stress, nerves, anxiety, ETC. He's trying to remain calm and collected to reasure the civilians, but it's doubtful this will last for long.

History: Got Us in pretty much all of his GCSEs and joined the army at 16 in 2015. A below average shot, he survived the outbreak while his squadmates didn't through pure luck. He was sent out on a helicopter to pick up stranded civilians.

Any skills: Basic military training

Equipment: -SA-80 assault rifle, 11 rounds remaining -Browning L9A1 pistol, 13 rounds remaining, 2 spare clips -A combat knife

  • Name: Alan Langer

Gender: M

Age: 48

Appearance: 5'6, slightly flabby. Has medium length black hair and a stubbly beard. Wears old trainers, jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket

Personality: Complains almost constantly. In his opinion, if he wasn't forced to help a bunch of w*****s he'd never met before, he could have flown his chopper to somewhere safe instead of legging it through a city full of bloody zombies, and he's not afraid to let others know this.

History: He's the pilot of a Channel 5 news helicopter. The journalists had been using his bird to get some great aerial shots of the zombies when the military called in any available helicopters to help pick up survivors. Leaving the journalist and his cameraman at the barracks, he took on board a couple of troops and went, grumbling all the way, to help his fellow people.

Any skills: Helicopter pilot

Equipment: -A helicopter helmet -A packet of cigarettes and a lighter

  • Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown. Looks to be around 30.

Appearance: Tall, lanky. Thinning ginger hair. Blue eyes.

Personality: Unknown.

History: Was bitten on the upper right arm and right hand in the barracks.

Any skills: Unknown

Equipment: None

Player Characters

If you could remove the bios I've copied and pasted here and put them in their own page to save space, I'd appreciate it.

Name: Maxwell Underwood

Age: 26

Appearance: 5'6" with short, dirty blond hair and brown eyes, Maxwell looks unwell. He's got a scrawny build, with wiry muscles and not much in the way of bodyfat. He wears multiple layers of clothing, including two full-length coats, a scarf and a pair of goggles. He also wears two pairs of gloves and a very heavy looking pair of boots.

Personality: Maxwell is a little cracked. He's paranoid, schizophrenic, and possesses multiple personalities. He's normally quiet, but under stress he can become irritable, violent and expressive. After an adrenaline rush he degrades into a sort of giggle fit, and then drops down into his normal subdued state. Sometimes he looks around like a spooked animal, stares at people, and will almost always overreact to surprises. Occasionally he will have a hard time telling the difference between zombies and people, or simply stare at something that isn't there. He has a habit of writing on the walls, sometimes with nonsensical messages, but sometimes leaves actually useful directions (Like "The Dead Ones Live Here" on a place where zombies are concentrated, or "Beyond The Reach Of Evil" with an arrow pointing at a good path for escape. Some of these messages were written before the outbreaks were public knowledge.)

History: Maxwell has always been a bit off, and has a history of mental illness stretching back as far as five years old. He was abandoned to the state when he was sixteen, and he signed himself out of the mental ward when he was eighteen. For the last eight years he's lived on his own, living on the street mostly, occasionally holding a job and living 'normal', but spending most of his time in a state of break-down. A common belief he has held is that the world is full of walking corpses that just haven't realized that they're dead yet. Ever since the first outbreak, Maxwell has been strangely lucid. Now everyone else could see the dead people too.

Any skills: Maxwell is surprisingly well educated. He has read an entire libraries worth of books and taken university level courses by mail. He is also a bit of a jack of all trades, having worked dozens of jobs that wouldn't mind hiring a mental patient. He knows the ins and outs of the London underground, back alleys, and infrastructure. He is also highly agile and has a huge amount of stamina, stemming from his physical fitness and his single-minded determination. Self-taught melee and free-running techniques.

Equipment: 7 1/2" combat knife, Flashlight, 42" 'Hooligan' entry tool, Journal, multiple permanent markers in various colors, brightly colored spray paints, lighter, flares.

Name: William Ebonlocke

Age: 23

Appearance: 6'2, black hair (hence his name) with goatee, brown eyes. He wears a green hunter jacket, green cargo pants, heavy black boots.

Personality: The patient hunter type. Since the outbreak, he is always looking over his shoulder, expecting to die at any moment, so he is always nervous.

History: Will was a sport hunter, and used a crossbow for that perpose, making him infomous for his skill this one. Don't ask me how he made a living in sport hunting, maybe he did hunting tours or something, but let's not worry about that. Owns a hunting supplies shop.

Skills: Hunting with crossbows.

Equipment: A modern recurve crossbow (Pic below) and a 12" hunting knife.

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