Zombies! RP

From Egs Mayhem

The story starts within a small town in Britain (aka The Land Where Not Everyone Has Guns) on an ordinary day. Then things get... less ordinary, and zombies begin to appear and eat your neighbours. Can the characters survive?

At the start, everyone starts off seperated - at home or at work or something.

Zombie types:

Big Hulking guys (which require rediculous amounts of firepower to kill, but won't appear much) Fast Zombies (fast, killed by anything that would kill a human) Sloooow Zombiiieees (traditional decomposing zombie who has to be shot in the head) Potential for zombie animals (like fast zombies, but for animals)

If a PC is bitten and becomes a zombie, they can also control some zombies.


Guessmyname: "First Zombie"

Pixelnator: Christopher Elias Woodhill

Dekupower: James "Jay" Robinson

Cheez: Kaleb Swift

Jonixlord: Tyrone Watson

ThatCanadianDude: Herbert "Iron Knuckles" Derglecuts

Loztein: Gwenith Gray

Drayco: Drake Lowell

Lohti: Jaterique D'laberteu

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