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So, there's this planet, one of many millions in the universe. It seems to have drawn the attention of several godlike beings (we'll call them gods for now). And they've created life on this planet, each for their own purposes. But after a certain event has cut off a large amount of their powers, they are now in a position to really influence matters personally...


Reaver225 (GM), as Flux, God of Evolution & Maintenance
Atashi-Cloud as Myst Kumorigachi, Goddess of Knowledge & Instinct
Author-Man as Seigyoku Ryo, Goddess of Ice & Rain
Brylian_Troy as Dream, Goddess of Imagination
Cheez as Cruach, God of War & Pain
ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkE as Chewy, God of Chaos & Insanity
FerretBob as Fnarl Bostron, God of Atheism & Trade
Jesse_God_of_Awesome as the Namless One or the God Mage, God of Change & Magic
Lohti as Blaze, God of Fire & Craftmanship
Loztein as VersLarbaeShraek, God of Beasts & Honour
Piebunny as Omo, God of Laundry
Teleros as Turaer, God of Order & Discipline & Arcia, Goddess of Space-time
Twilightdusk as Lunia, Goddess of Dreams & Water
VOR as Vernik, God of Love & Poison
Youwillneverknow as Gesk, God of Water & Balance
Ajac as Ain, god of Music and Art

The World

The latest version of the world map. World Map


No Man's Jungle
No Man's Jungle is a sprawling, dense area stretching from the centre of the Bren Mountains to the western border of the Miritin Republic. Dark, forbidding and devoid of any traces of civilisation, it is one of the few places left unconquered by man or any of the other major races. Naturally, rumours abound as to what lies within - a Fallen Champion, dragons, beasts of Shraek, an ancient elven city - but none of them have been confirmed, and the gods aren't telling either.

Starstruck Mountain
In ages past, a small asteroid struck the top of this mountain, destroying the peak and leaving a circular basin in its place, with the remains of the asteroid forming a small hill in the centre. Turaer noticed and, bored, decided to put the basin to use - namely as a meeting place for the gods (the last one in his own heaven having gone from bad to catastrophic when Chewy showed up). Crystal-clear water was added to create a small lake around the remains of the asteroid, and benches added around the outside. In the centre hovered a model of the world, accurate down to the last living thing and showing even the clouds as they moved. Rather predictably, the whole meeting place was perfectly symmetrical from any point of view, but it was eventually accepted as a useful meeting place, and has been used as such since then.


Detailed Information

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Orcs
  • Dragons
  • Goblins
  • Seakie (Lunia's chosen people)
  • Kitsune (Myst Kumorigachi's chosen people)
  • Kityumi (Subrace of the Kitsune)
  • Mysidians (Seigyoku Ryo's chosen people)
  • Slimes (Chewy's chosen people)
  • Fallen Champions (Only 3 left, 2 imprisoned, the third in hiding)
  • Ellarwi (Omo's chosen people)
  • Reoars (Gesk's chosen people)
  • Gnomes (Flux's chosen people)
  • Vuylxcen (Shraek's chosen people)
  • Fnarls (Fnarl's chosen people)
  • Hirin (Fnarl's other chosen people)
  • Trolls (Fnarl's other chosen people)


True Magic
True magic involves people going through various incantations and so on to cast spells - it takes a long time to cast (fastest for a simple spell is something like 20 minutes) but can have very powerful effects - eg massive cloak field, grand telekinesis etc etc. Limited by endurance/ability - using big stuff drains people, and you need experience to build up strength. This is why older people make better mages. Anyones races living very long would make good mages, but they wouldn't breed as much. It does not come from the gods, but is something inherent to the planet. The actual magic comes from concentrating on a certain ideal or particular way of thinking, which produces a corresponding external effect; this means that anything that is sentient or even mildly intelligent can produce True Magic to an extent. Almost all magic effects are endothaumic (requires energy input) barring countering magics - something skilled mages can do to disrupt other's spells.

Divine magic
Magic that comes from the gods and is based around their domains. They come in two forms, Lesser Powers and Greater Powers. Lesser powers are inherent abilities (for example a fire god would probably grant his followers a lesser power of invunerability to heat, so they would be able to walk over lava without suffering, a goddess of water's people can turn into fishy things or something like that). Greater powers are more active stuff (Fire god grants fireballs! A knowledge goddess might get divination). Lesser powers are passed on by genetics and tend to stay race specific (if a god doesn't choose a race, no lesser power for them) and work even if they no longer worship you. Greater powers are given by the god personally, usually to clerics/whatever. They can only handle certain amounts, but it takes not much training and can do moderately big feats with the aid of their god. Can be given to any worshipper.
Gods themselves have very great control over their individual domains, but cannot do anything outside them. So a Storm god wouldn't be able to do telekinesis for one. However, sucking out the heat out of the air is close enough to fire for a fire domain god to do that.

Arcane Magic
Magic stolen from the gods. Some are born with the gift/curse that they can use god-powers. Arcane mages can use all the Greater powers instinctively but none of the Lesser ones, and it is possible for them to draw too much power, resulting in their gruesome and usually ironic death (overuse of water magic, they dehydrate. Senses magic? They go blind, deaf and numb. Fire magic? Burning to death?). They are also sometimes hunted for their impudence of using god's magic.

Magic Notes
Divine magic - pretty simple, though mortals can't handle all the energies that a god can so gods limit their total energy going to them to prevent them dying.
Arcane magic - Less control, and there's no god limiter. Take in too much divinelike energy, SPLORCH or other unpleasant sounds.
There aren't many continuous spells, most stuff would need constant power to keep going. Range requires more power, also stronger spells need more power too.
Oh yes, some metals can block magic - placeholder for list

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