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There is only -one- Atashi-Cloud... No, seriously, there is. This is no 'Highlander' joke.

  • Name: Atashi-Cloud, aka. Atashi or just 'Tashi
  • Age: tends to be portrayed around 21 or younger for age but avatar versions have no similar age restriction
  • Gender: Tends to usually be male, unless otherwise specified


Usually a kitsune for appearance, often mistaken for the character 'Atashi' who looks about the same. Tends to have a separate avatar by the name of 'Tom' who is a closer translation of himself, but doesn't appear often due to being lesser-known than any of the others. 'Tom' tends to also be a kitsune in reference, usually a tawny/tan color for the sake of making it easier to tell him apart from 'Atashi'.


Both have access to the same 'portal space' of which has literally all items that you could imagine being given on Mayhem. This 'portal space' sometimes has a tendency to attract lost items, so if you ask him to find something it's likely he has it in the 'portal space'. Also carries around a TFG that highly resembles a Mega-Buster of the MegaMan variety, which can be set to various levels of duration including permanency.


None of note yet, so look out for this 'persona' should you encounter him.

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