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Cheez's character in The World RP

  • Bio-

Name: Cruach Domain: War and pain Usual appearance: A humanoid, featureless 'person', usually formed from flames and smoke. Chosen Race:No specific race, but worshipped mainly by goblinoids and humans. Personality:Evil. Doesn't care about power, only violence and will often aid both sides in a war, simply because it means more blood will be spilt. His followers can be split into two groups- the 'normal' ones and the fanatics. The normal ones worship Him usually because His favour will make them better fighters (though He does inflict great pain instead of rewards sometimes). The fanatics are, well.... fanatics. They sacrifice people, sometimes willing, sometimes not, to Him in long, bloody rituals and are feared, despised and respected in equal measures.

  • Powers available to followers-

Weapons would be empowered by offensive spells. He would also teach them spells, the better the follower (read: bigger sacrifices or kills more people in fights/battles), the more powerful the spells. These would all be offensive spells, not defensive, healing, ETC as he doesn't particularly care if his followers die. Examples of spells are:

Pain spells. These would vary from only being able to cause a single person mild pain to putting large groups on the floor in agony and possibly hurting them to death, depending on the abilities of the caster. Weapon empowerment- ranging from never-blunting blades, 100% accurate arrows ETC to weapons that burst into flames during combat or are electrified.

Physical alterations- these are temporary, only availavble in battle, and are extremely rare.

Mental alterations, EG making someone perpetually, homicidally, angry.

Cruach's temples

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