Ana Saker

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Cheez's character in the Zealot's Impasse RP.

  • Name: Ana Saker
  • Theme Song: --
  • Age: 24
  • Hair: Black, slightly past shoulder length, tied back.
  • Eyes: grey
  • Off duty appearence: Uniform trousers, black Tshirt
  • Class: Enlisted, corporal
  • Weapon type: Explosives/SMG
  • Combat skill: Good athlete
  • Character's History: Her parents were both Citizens, working in a factory manufacturing ammunition. Because of this, she developed an interest in things that go boom from an early age. They were also very religious. This rubbed off on her. Her elder brother and her both planned on enlisting to do their duty to the Site. Her brother went MIA on his first mission, a year before she enlisted.
  • Any special Notes about the character: She's extremely devout. This has been the start of several fights when she discovered others were only paying the Elders lip service.
  • Any special Item they might be keeping on their person: A small locket containing a photo of her brother- she always wears it, her way of keeping his memory alive.
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