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A seventeen year old bunny who has been reading EGS since Grace went full Lespuko form for the first time. He hasn't ventured into the forums until now using the name of Author. He adores reading and writing, and frequently makes long roleplaying posts even when it's not necessary. He is an Independent Study student who loves to be a night owl, and is the one trying to make fun of himself, endear himself, and entertain others at the same time. He's assisted by a cast of ten characters he uses for his roleplaying personas.

He is currently assisting against EOU, and was literally dragged here by Islaitha Frost when the two learned there would be strong opponents. The only reason he had to be dragged is because Author can be a lazy bum, and was taking far too long for Frost's interest.

Author is a regular on The Wotch, KAF, CAD, Slightly Damned, and Outburst forums. He is a writer and is currently on staff with two game companies to make MMO's. One is a Bleach inspired game, and the other is currently under wraps.


The Ten (Author Persona Summons)

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