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vampiress_kat is, to be put simply, insane. 'Aren't all bunnies insane?' you ask. Well, yes, but she's one nutty girl. She likes nuts. Peanuts are yummy. Peanuts rule. Do you like peanuts? Hee hee, pee-nuts. I wonder who come up with that... ANYWAY! She's a bit of a Grammar Nazi, and has a severe dislike of kgirl1992.


Places of Posting

In the Main forums, she lurks around the comic and filler threads, plus a few FanArt threads. She also has her own FanArt thread, although it has seemingly died. She also frequents the Strip Slaying thread, and has posted a few slays herself. In Mayhem, she is a member of Parthenon High RP and H. G. Wells High RP. She is going to attempt to join Magical School. She used to frequent carrot..? and is getting back into it.


Although not great, her art is okay. When drawing the characters from EGS, she always attempts to mimic Dan's style. Her art has progressed since the starting of her FanArt thread, particularly in the area of eyes, which are heading in an animeish direction, although she is trying to steady it and make then look more realistic. Currently, she is sketching in her sketchbook more than doing anything that gets posted in her dA. And her FanArt thread has died.


Her real name is Marina, so she goes by a variety of names; Mari, Rina, Marina, Vamp, Vampiress, Kat, and, by a certain evil blue kitty by the name of Troy, Lil Mari. The last name she resents and goes to all lengths to prevent being called it. The only explanation that has been found for her using the username 'vampiress_kat' is that it is a habit. She had been using it for a while in some fantasy RPs and on Gaia (which she has stopped going to) and got into the habit of using it, even after she no longer remembered the original site she used it on.


Her avatar is a 15-year-old catgirl with medium-brown fur and dark-brown hair in braids. She is usually portrayed wearing a peasant-ish black top, rolled-up-to-the-ankle jeans and runners. From time to time, she also has a belt with holsters for her TF Gun and Chibi Pistol, and usually swords strapped to her back. Although the Chibi Pistol can be converted to be attachable to the TF Gun, Kat prefers having the two guns seperate for that extra-dramatic effect.


  • 1 (modified to have layering effects) TF gun
  • 1 Cookie
  • 12 Cans of Unlabelled Soda
  • 1 Dead Fish
  • 1 Ginger Beer
  • 1 Squirrely Teddy
  • 1 Bottle of Brain Glue
  • 1 Hacksaw
  • 1 Black 'WTF' Diamond
  • 1 Chibification Pistol
  • 2 Single-hand Swords
  • 1 Pair of Infinite Pocket Jeans

Most of the items are usually kept in the Infinite Pocket Jeans.


Kat has two active RP characters; Andrea and Rinaeleth. She also has a muse by the name of Keechie.

Random Stuff

She's one of the only people insane enough to talk to Squata. At one point in an MSN conversation they, along with Ankhareon jointly dismembered Dr. Phil and Oprah. (It was fun - Anky)

A Fan (I think) says: "Kat is awesome. Simple as that. >.>" - Thanks Fan. Also, thank you for the Chibification Pistol. Makes being ebil that much more fun.

Kalga has completely given up trying to make her stop hugging him, for he figured out it's pointless.

She is the only one allowed to violate Bain's Rules, because he is her minion.

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